This is what all in on the narrative looks like.



Give Sallee credit; at least you don’t have to waste time listening to the details.


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9 responses to “This is what all in on the narrative looks like.

  1. DawgStats

    What’s a world class epidemiologist doing yacking about college football for? Stay in your lane Dr. Sallee

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  2. Can’t expect much more from an Auburn grad than Barrett Sallee, frankly.

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  3. RandallPinkFloyd

    I’m glad he could take a break from carrying water for the Braves front office and giving us the latest news on why COVID19 is a hoax to tell us about…Kyle Trask.

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  4. munsonlarryfkajim

    His prediction for 2017 was about as close to spot on as you can get. Right up until 2nd and 26

    I think it’s hard to call us over rated with our defense but our offense could in fact be a hot mess. That doesn’t exactly excuse the whole trask for Heisman thing though

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  5. Ran A

    Over-rated is a new one. That’s fine – I like everyone telling the players and coaches that UF is winning the East and that UGA is over-rated.

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Man. A lot of butthurt going on about Mr. Sallee. I guess sticking with a ridiculous narrative over common sense and statistics only matters when you don’t agree with it, DawgStats and Pink?

    One thing I know about him as opposed to all those other sportswriters who went all in on “We’re not playing CFB this year” or “Florida will win the East,” is that Barrett Sallee will admit when he was wrong.

    He usually tags in @OldTakesExposed to these predictions.


  7. thunderdawg42

    Sallee has been pretty favorable concerning the Dawgs lately. Had us losing the SECCG (but still making the CFP) last year, winning it all in 2018, and winning the SECCG rematch in 2017. Picking Florida seems like a reaction to being let down by the Dawgs two years in a row.

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  8. I didn’t even know who this dude was. Lol