Is it irresponsible to speculate? It is irresponsible not to.

Seth ($$), you’re such a tease.

Fields, as everyone knows by now, was at Georgia’s scrimmage last Saturday. The Big Ten, as we all know, has canceled, postponed, however you want to put it, the fall season. Fields wants to play, as he’s made clear with his efforts to get the Big Ten to reverse the decision.

So why not? Two main, probably insurmountable hurdles:

The NCAA would have to approve a waiver for Fields to play right away. And thus far the NCAA has not said it will do that for players who want to play in the fall. Plus the organization has appeared skeptical about the idea of fall sports taking place, canceling fall championships in volleyball, soccer and other sports, only to have the SEC decide it’s going ahead with its fall seasons anyway. Do you see the NCAA doing any favors for Georgia or any SEC team?

Also, Fields would have to enroll back at Georgia, where classes began on Aug. 20.

Would Georgia like to have Fields back? Would Fields like to come back, if a fall season at Ohio State is completely off the table? The answer to both questions is almost certainly yes. But it’s probably too late. (Probably.)

Yeah, he’s joking.  Probably.

Earlier in his piece, he does make a solid point that some of you out there gnashing your teeth over Newman’s decision to leave should consider:

But if he were going to make this decision at least Newman did it with more than three weeks until the opener. There’s time for Daniels to get more work with the first team, more time for Daniels to learn Monken’s system and form a rapport with his receivers.

Can you imagine what it would be like if Newman had waited a couple more weeks, been named the starter for the Arky game and then opted out?


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  1. Think Newman had to quit because he had to face a week of Georgia’s incredibly demanding academic program. 😁

    But I do wish he did it about 2 or 3 or 4 weeks earlier


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I have to say that doing it earlier would have been a little weirder to me. He had a reason to want to transfer: it would be better to taste that first round money. He could have still hung there in hopes to be able to play and get it, but I think he began to realize that things may not work and that it would be better to make a decision now. The article also mentions that he is very close to his grandmother who is of course in a high risk age group. What somewhat concerns me – and this is probably me being a little paranoid – is that knows more than most of us about how testing and compliance is going, and that might have been a factor.

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  2. theotherdoug

    Just speculating…

    Maybe Newman has been wavering all along and the staff gave him yesterday as the date to be in or out.

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    • Although someone vehemently disagreed with me yesterday I still fill like Kirby had a spidey sense to get JT Daniel’s. Because that really seemed out of place and odd timing and JT is coming off an injury. And the quarterback Room was solid (if we believe Mathis is good) with top 2021 coming to boot. It just didn’t feel right to me. 2 transfers with one injured? Either way, hell of a job by the recruiter extraordinaire

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  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Meh, we went through this with Eason/Fromm in 2017 and things worked out pretty well.

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  4. akascuba

    Im sorry he decided it was in his best interest not to play at UGA. Im very happy he did not wait another couple of weeks.

    Not a chance Fields plays again for UGA. It`s much for likely the B10 plays just enough games to get TOSU into the CFP whatever they look like this year.

    Has JT Daniels been cleared to play?

    The new meme at the SEC network yesterday afternoon was Kirby`s revolving door at QB since he became HC. Funny how in less time the QB whisper at UF seems to have a similar number of starters. One is a Genius the other has lost control. If going 0 – forever against your division rival at UF makes you seem Smart in the eyes of the experts. Keep up the excellent work at the UF.

    Next man up and keep your foot on that gator throat Kirby.


  5. I hope we hear more that either verifies or refutes the rumors he ws losing the battle to start. I wish him the best, but the COVID -19 reason seems odd to me at this point.


    • miltondawg

      Honestly, this is the theory I have. I did hear Rusty Mansell on the radio yesterday and he was talking about the fact that agents are in the top players’ ears that it is crazy to play this season with the pandemic if you are a decently high NFL prospect (first or second day in the draft). I think his exact words were that it is a “feeding frenzy for agents” right now. What would hurt Newman’s chances to be a higher draft pick? Not getting the starting job has to be number one in my book if you were playing for a team with an OC that has NFL experience. I could be completely wrong, but the timing of this seems strangely convenient. The LSU kid was completely different. I’ve seen him as high as a top five pick but always in the top twenty.

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      • Well part of what you just said is in my comment below. There are very good reasons for someone that has a potential for a good draft pick not to play. I mean this hasn’t happened before. You can skip a year of football and still get drafted. That’s pretty nice on the body


  6. “Can you imagine what it would be like if Newman had waited a couple more weeks, been named the starter for the Arky game and then opted out?” Yes. But I would have been more willing to buy that line of thinking if he would have opted out weeks earlier when the schedule was announced and before started summer workouts.


  7. Newman needs to do whatever he needs to do to protect himself and his prospects. It does seem odd to do it at this time when it’s clearly not a sure thing that he’s a first 2 days draft prospect. Best of luck to him.

    Yes, I know our QBs don’t get hit in practice, but the idea that Daniels is going to be fully cleared for contact in 3 weeks still seems to be a stretch to me. Mathis seems to have great tools to work with, but he hasn’t been tackled in over 18 months and has had brain surgery in the meantime. Stetson just isn’t an SEC quality starting quarterback no matter what the defense was saying in 2017 about him as Baker Mayfield. Beck is a true freshman who didn’t get the benefit of the spring like other early entrants at QB have gotten in the past.

    If Daniels isn’t clear, it’s going to be a long, tough slog that’s going to look very similar to 2019.

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    • tiredofidsearch

      Clearly not a sure thing he is day 1 or 2 day pick. That is far from a consensus opinion, and I’m sure if an agent is in his ear that’s not what he is telling him.


    • TEXBaller

      Why would Daniels not be cleared? It’s been a full year since his injury. Blaylock was back after less than six months. Daniels is our guy. God help us if Mathis/Bennett get the call in other than mop-up duty. Don’t be surprised to see a depth chart as such; Daniels, Beck, Mathis, Bennett. Gonna miss the over-hype/salivating on this blog re: Jamie Bust…


      • “Why would Daniels not be cleared?”

        I’m only going off what Kirby has stated … Daniels has not been fully cleared by Courson from every account I’ve read so far. I would guess he’s going to be ready in 3 weeks, but that’s what it is … a guess. I would assume until he has been cleared Monken has to start preparing one of the other 3 guys to take the first snap in Fayette-Nam.

        I imagine Kirby is going to get the question every presser between now and game week.


      • So you’re getting sarcastic because people were happy to have an athletic quarterback that can run the ball on an option play? Because now we don’t have that anymore. And you need a quarterback that can run at least some and college football. Joe burrow was not a statue. Neither was jalen hurts or tua or fields


      • Got Cowdog

        Didn’t Blaylock tear his again and is out for the season?


  8. D’wan Mathis, come on down.


  9. godawgs1701

    “Can you imagine what it would be like if Newman had waited a couple more weeks, been named the starter for the Arky game and then opted out?”

    No, but only because I can’t imagine Jamie Newman leaving if he’d been named the starter.


  10. PTC DAWG

    No chance of Fields returning, IMHO….


  11. 123fakest

    I’m thinking our ACC transfer QB learned about SEC defenses and wanted no part.
    You’re on a short leash when there is depth. If he lost the starting job, he would be a late round draft pick at best in 2021.


    • Yeah but now he has no tape. Nothing worthy. I’m sure he’ll crush the combine but if he would have just gotten 3 or 4 games this season high quality games it would have made a huge difference.

      We don’t know why he made his decision other than what he said. It’s so early in practice.. quarterbacks ate mostly doing drills. I don’t even know that there’s been full scrimmage yet, in fact no way. I mean his competition is a guy never played and a guy that is not cleared for contact. I seriously doubt he couldn’t handle those guys. Too gifted.. His long balls were pretty nice. I personally think, as we all predicted would happen this year, he just had an opportunity to take care of himself and go work out privately all day every day.


  12. I don’t buy into a remote possibility of Fields re-joining the Dawgs – that being said, has anyone verified whether he is enrolled in classes at OSU and similarly whether he is enrolled at classes at UGA?

    Even if Fields was currently enrolled in classes at UGA, I could see him just doing so to be closer to his family and prep for the draft. But I have not seen any articles confirming where he is enrolled in classes ATM


  13. ASEF

    Newman leaving Wake was a business decision. Newman coming to Georgia was a business decision. Newman opting out is a business decision.

    JT Daniels was a good/not great QB at USC. He’d lost his starter spot to Slovis, much the same way Eason did here. Almost exactly the same, honestly. Freshman year with flashes and hiccups, injured right out of the gate his second season. Maybe JT took some big steps forward in his year off? I don’t know.

    No way Ohio State releases Fields. They’re playing at some point.