Life after Newman

Jake Rowe:

The decision to add JT Daniels to the roster back in May is certainly looking smart right now. Daniels started 12 games for USC in 2018 and 2019. He hasn’t yet been fully cleared after sustaining a torn ACL and other knee damage in the season opener against Fresno State in the 2019 season opener, but that’s expected to come before the start of the 2020 season. It hasn’t affected his ability to prepare thus far because he’s waiting on clearance for contact and the Bulldogs, like every other program in the country, don’t hit the quarterback in practice.

Conventional wisdom places him as the No. 1 with over three weeks of preseason practice left, but it may not be a given. Dawgs247’s Rusty Mansell reported recently that redshirt freshman D’Wan Mathis got off to a strong start in preseason camp and turned some heads right away. In talks with sources after the Newman news broke on Wednesday, other contacts have indicated the same. The UGA staff is very excited about his potential. He has some physical attributes that you just can’t teach.

David Cobb:

Daniels is still not fully cleared for contact as he continues to rehabilitate from the torn ACL he suffered at USC almost exactly a year ago. If the Bulldogs training staff gives him the all-clear at some point this month, though, he will presumably take the first snap of the 2020 season for Georgia when the Bulldogs play at Arkansas on Saturday, Sept. 26. It’s a remarkable twist of fate for Daniels and Georgia, and it could have an impact on the wider college football landscape, depending on which version of Daniels shows up under center for the Bulldogs.

If it’s a hobbled version who’s not adequately acquainted with a new offensive system, then you can go ahead and crown Florida as the SEC East champion. But if the Bulldogs get a healthy version of Daniels, their ceiling is arguably just as high or even higher than it would have been with Newman, and an SEC title and College Football Playoff berth will be within Georgia’s grasp…

You can see why the knee-jerk reaction is to immediately crown Florida as the new division champion. But it all comes down to Daniels, his health and his grasp of what Monken wants to do.

All just a reminder that Smart restocked the cabinet in the quarterback room after last season.  I don’t know how things will turn out, but at the moment nobody can say Georgia is out of working options.



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  1. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    So was Fields just “hangin” or being recruited again?
    No way that was coincidence, you’ve met Coach Smart, right?
    Or Father Fields was leveraging negotiations with ohio state univ?
    Maybe that booster was an osu booster pretending to be a uga booster?
    If JF come back, Coach Smart shall be annointed goat.


  2. What would his argument for immediate playing time be?


  3. He’s clearly not in Columbus. He’s probably home in Kennesaw and bored so he rode over for the day.

    Let’s all move on.

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  4. Ran A

    Respectfully, Fields isn’t coming back to Georgia. He either plays with the Buckeyes this year or begins prep for the NFL. It makes no sense to go through another season after this one. He is projected as a Top 10 draft choice ‘right now’. This season was about the Heisman, a National Championship and improving his draft stock to 1 or 2. That’s it.

    With that said, I believe that Georgia’s QB room is in a lot better shape than it was a year ago. Was Fromm better than Daniels this time last year than Daniels this time this year? Yes. But Fromm was handcuffed with the offense he was asked to guide and he went right back into the habit of living off of outside and back shoulder throws. This took away 1/2 the field. Add that to an offense with no imagination, and young receivers – you struggle. Would it be better with both QB’S? Of course. But Georgia’s QB Room even with the loss is still more talented than anyone else’s in the East and just as talented as LSU or Bama’s (ok – Bama has an edge) and with a 5 Star committed and actively recruiting for next year.

    Georgia’s offense will be much more difficult to defend, with a coordinator who is willing to use the weapons that Georgia offers, which happens to be very talented backs and very talented receivers and a tight end who can catch and make the most with YAC.

    Georgia will be fine. Regarding the Gators. I really hope that all the talk goes back to picking UF. I think it just adds that much more focus to the players and coaches, during a time when it is difficult to do so because of Covid 19.

    Georgia is well positioned to win the East (again) and the SEC and have a shot at the title.

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  5. I have a tremendous amount of respect for D’Wan Mathis and his family. We’ve all pulled for him to regain his health, and now I’m pulling for him to have a strong potential backup roll, maybe even starting. This kid didn’t give up or quit even as the deck of all these higher rated QBs started to stack up…apparently ahead of him. His family (dad) and he as an athlete has really kept their focus and done all the right things. Toss in Beck and the mailman, and we’re not in full blown chicken little mode….yet.

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  6. practicaldawg

    Unless one creates major separation soon, my guess is that Daniels and Mathis will both see the field a lot. I like the idea of opposing defenses having to scheme for both every week. Fromm was better when teams had to allocate prep time to Fields too.

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  7. Bulldawg Bill

    2017, anybody? A totally green Jake Fromm?


  8. So just checking in this morning….did I miss anything?


  9. I heard that before Newman left he wasn’t clear cut better option that Daniels for this offense .