“The juice was no longer worth the squeeze.”

Somebody is seriously upgrading his click bait game.

Y’all realize we’re this close to Mike Griffith writing a piece blaming Jamie Newman’s exit on Justin Fields attending that Saturday scrimmage, right?


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8 responses to ““The juice was no longer worth the squeeze.”

  1. You joke, but that conspiracy is already rampant among segments of our fanbase.

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  2. I started to sincerely ask what it was like to not have quarterback controversy. You know like Ohio state last year or LSU. But then I remembered Alabama with hurts and Tua, then I remembered when we had Joe Cox and no controversy and absolutely hated on him. So it may suck, And I’ve done my part to participate to be fair and honest, but ultimately I guess you could say this is some of them good problems. But it would be cool to have one of these number 1 quarterbacks play for a few years. I’m not sure that that really happens anymore. The only constant is change


  3. “if you’re worried about COVID, or losing your starting job, or injury” If any of these are true why transfer here and spend months working with the team?
    By April all of this was known.


  4. No but it played out with a safer option than how it was scheduled at that time.


  5. godawgs1701

    Mike Griffith is the kind of clown who includes embedded tweets of other people quoting himself in his own columns. Hey, Mike, if they’re your thoughts then just go ahead and write them in the column. We’re not that impressed that you got interviewed by Paul Finebaum.


  6. Glad you changed the quote of the day. It was obviously bs