“We’re moving forward.”

Sounds like it was not a good QBR day for the leading candidates to take up the reins from Jamie Newman after he dropped them.

Georgia scrimmaged Saturday four days after its leading contender for the job, Wake Forest graduate transfer Jamie Newman, changed everything by informing coach Kirby Smart on a day off from practices that he was opting out of the season, something that became public the next day.

That has offered an opportunity for redshirt freshman D’Wan Mathis to push Southern Cal transfer JT Daniels for the No. 1 job, but Mathis started slow in the second preseason scrimmage at Sanford Stadium by throwing a pair of interceptions.

Daniels didn’t zoom way ahead of Mathis either on a day when both worked with the No. 1 unit, according to Smart.

“It almost feels like you really want the guys to assume the lead, take the lead and that hasn’t happened yet,” Smart said. “You’re liable to have a great play or a great series and come back with a boneheaded mistake or a turnover. Nobody has really just taken charge and taken over. I wish I could say that.”

So do we all, Kirbs.  But there’s still time.


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17 responses to ““We’re moving forward.”


    Going against that D can’t be fun.

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  2. practicaldawg

    How many QBs in the country will have a good QBR day against the No. 1s on defense?

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  3. FlyingPeakDawg

    I blame Bobo.

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  4. When you’re going against the best defense you’ll see all season in a scrimmage, I imagine things are going to be ok.

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  5. MGW

    We’re going to miss Newman. MAYBE one of those guys turns out to be special but we’re no longer in any position to mock anyone’s QB room.


  6. Ouch! That answers my question from yesterday.


  7. Derek

    Must be really bad play calling.


  8. otto1980

    If there was ever a year we needed G-day QBRs to compare…….Thank you 2020….


  9. FlyingPeakDawg

    No spring practice is why QBs go to Kirby to die or something like that.


  10. ASEF

    It kind of comes down to this:

    Does Kirby believe his defense is so good he can take more risks on offense? Or does he think his defense is so good his offense doesn’t need to push its envelope?

    That was true with Newman or any QB – but the QB weighs heavily on that determination. Between losing Blaylock and Newman, I expect the passing game just took two huge steps backward in that regard.

    The talent on this team could win every game on the schedule with the Senator playing QB except two. Will Mathis or Daniels be ready to provide that extra burst to get past those two opponents? Follow up thought – with the late loss of Newman and Blaylock, combined with Covid interruptions, we all need to put our usual opening-games commentary in the attic. There will be no hidden playbook awaiting an unveiling in Tuscaloosa. Just a more competent version of what we see out of the gate, with maybe a couple of trick plays added to the mix.


  11. David Basham

    Calling it now. 7-3 with losses to Auburn, Alabama, and Florida. We’ll be highly ranked, but not seriously in the mix at the end of the season until 2022. Disaster year would include stubbing the toe against Tennessee and maybe Kentucky or South Carolina. The D is gonna be great, but there is absolutely nothing to suggest that the O is going to be any better than last year. In fact, all indications are that the O is going to take a definitive step back this year. None of the QBs we have are as good as Fromm, and none of the RBs are as good as Swift.