The more things change…

Watch this short clip.  The argument presented is that even if Smart wants to stick his hand the offense, as many of us perceived he had over the previous four seasons, what Monken runs is so different from the Chaney/Coley scheme that it will still wind up being a changed animal.

Do you find the argument convincing?



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  1. It may be different, but it’s still going to be manball. Kirby’s instinct is for the offense not to screw it up for the defense. I really hope I’m wrong, but if Daniels doesn’t get fully cleared at the beginning, I just don’t see Kirby allowing Mathis or Beck to throw it all over the place.


  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    We’ll see.

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  3. It makes sense and seems logical to me. I truly think Kirby realized he had to change his offensive outlook after seeing how Bama and LSU have changed with success. I also agree Monken wouldn’t have taken the job if he thought he would be forced to run schemes and plays he has zero to little experience with running and Kirby wouldn’t hire him for that purpose either. He hired Monken to bring a fresh outlook and to implement an offensive scheme that was more progressive than what had been run the past few years.

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  4. DawgStats

    His 2015 USM team had 45/55 run to pass ratio.

    2015 Alabama and Clemson (CFP champ game) were both 52-48.

    2015 UGA was 56-44 and

    Rushing Rates (can’t believe this)

    2019 53%
    2018 58%
    2017 65%
    2016 54%
    2015 57%
    2014 60%

    2019 had the lowest rushing explosive rate in Kirby Era

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  5. My take is that Kirby will give this a real effort. Whether he sticks with it after two turnovers and a three-and-out will be the real test. Monken seems to have the perfect temperament to soothe Kirby’s anxiety, though. He’s been through a lot of football. His system has been tremendous everywhere he’s been. He might even fit the title “guru.”

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  6. 86bone

    Whew….I just new by the header that we had some dope smoking arrests…damn glad that isn’t the case!

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    Run the Damn Ball


  8. David D

    Look for Tre’ McKitty to be a big part of the offense (A TE!? shocking, I know…). Just like Cager “out of the blue” was last year. McKitty’s experience is crucial.


  9. junkyardawg41

    Complementary O line coaching, QB coaching, and offensive scheme are as critical as having the right players. Bobo+Searels=bad, Bobo+Friend=good. Chaney+Pittboss=good, Coley+Pittboss=bad.
    I look at the offensive runs against UF in 2018 versus 2019. We ran into a lot of 8 man fronts in both games. 2018- 4.61yp rush, 2019 – 3.22.

    I think Smart brought in Luke and looked for complementary coaching skills. Luke was at OleMiss with Hugh. If you look at the 14-16 seasons, Ole Miss (winning 2 of 3, and losing by one score), averaged more per play against Alabama than any one else. Monken and Luke are a better fit than Coley and Pittman.

    As to what we will see this year, I have no idea. I do think we will see a more open offense — but everything will continue to be about running the ball and drive efficiency.

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  10. CB

    The least convincing part is the fact that he consistently refers to Georgia as “UGA.” Throws me off. Is this the DawgStats guy? I’ve noticed they do that over there.


    • Down Island Way

      For a staff member to say we are Georgia….more than 5 years at UGA, born in the state, have relatives living in the state, have eaten southern grits, know that fried green tomatoes don’t grow on trees, knows what a georgia peach is….until then, it’s UGA