“… and I don’t even know when Election Day is sometimes…”

He’s Nick Saban and he’s approved this message.

I gotta say I believe him on that.  If he can’t bring himself to endorse the candidate running against Tubs, he’ll never endorse anyone.

Of course, we haven’t heard from the Coke bottle yet.


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15 responses to ““… and I don’t even know when Election Day is sometimes…”

  1. Ran A

    Man’s not stupid. Why would you open your mouth about politics at all; especially if your politics has even the slightest difference of opinion in today’s climate. There is little or no dialog from either side. It’s kill or be killed – which may kill this Republic. And that’s about as political as I ever tend to get on this site. 🙂

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  2. Biggen

    I wish every celebrity would do this. Politics ruin so much.

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    • Sam Johnson

      I agree to a point. Whenever I hear a celebrity endorse a candidate, it almost always diminishes my view of the celebrity. When I hear a celebrity support a cause (especically a charity) that touches on the personal experience of the celebrity, I usually think more highly of the celebrity.


      • Biggen

        Yeah I’d agree with that to a point as well. Causes can be good or fine to a point I guess. But even those can go off the rails to the right or left (BLM and Teaparty for example)

        I just can’t stand it when celebrities come out and say “Lets remove so-and-so from office because of xyz”.


  3. Russ

    You know Nick doesn’t have time for that shit. Can’t say that I blame him.


  4. “I have a political preference, but I’m not going to share it with you, or our players. We encourage everyone to get informed, get registered to vote, and to make a well researched decision.”

    Should be every coach’s default answer.

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  5. ASEF

    He and his team have had two prominent moments in response to the racial protests – a video and a march. He’s brought in adults and activists to talk to his players about the difference between advocacy and posturing.

    And he’s taken some heat for it from his fan base.

    But he knows where he can help make a difference and where he’s wasting his time. That’s kind of his superpower.


  6. mark9659

    Actually Saban endorsed Joe Manchin In 2018 WV senate race.


  7. TEXBaller

    He did drop a sweet ass TP Mills putter on DJT their last visit to the white house. Endorsement??


  8. 123fakest

    He’ll do/protest whatever it takes to stay at the top of recruiting.


  9. Salty Dawg

    No one has mentioned the Coke bottle, so I will. It’s an attention ho and hardly ever lets Sprite in the pic. What a beotch.