But muh spring practice, a continuing series

Reality, 2020 edition ($$):

“I think you’ll see more true freshmen play this year than you ever have, just across the country,” Oklahoma coach Lincoln Riley predicts. “I think certain teams — and it doesn’t mean every week — but I think a lot of people at some time or another are going to run into an all-hands-on-deck type situation.”

Gee… true freshmen and overall roster depth.  I wonder which teams are best structured to respond to that.


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8 responses to “But muh spring practice, a continuing series

  1. Ran A

    Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner

    UGA/BAMA – that’s who


  2. Jake Johnson

    I assume the 4 game rule is still in effect where players can participate in 4 games and still redshirt?


    • godawgs1701

      It is, but the NCAA is also forgiving a full year of eligibility for anyone at any level of experience who competes this fall. So, the freshmen could play all 10+ and then still have the opportunity for a redshirt during their career if that’s how it works out.

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  3. godawgs1701

    After seeing the way Navy played the other night after not practicing live in the preseason you definitely aren’t going to be hearing me minimize the impact of the loss of any practice time whether it’s spring or summer. The odds are even, most teams didn’t get a single spring practice session in. But everyone needs it.


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I learned something from the article that I did not know which is that the rule allowing redshirts to play 4 games in a season was basically a compromise. There was discussion about a 5 to play 5 rule change and the redshirt rule we got was the compromise. Apparently university presidents did not want to go to a 5 to play 5 rule because all athletes – not just football players – would get the same thing, and they are stuck on the idea that college should be a 4 year experience. Well, looks like we are going to get a tryout of 5 to play 5 anyway. Hopefully, only one year.