“How many points will Georgia need to win each of their games?”

Dial this clip up to the 19:10 mark, where Simmons and Elliott play a quick game of predicting now many points Georgia will need to win each of its ten games this season.

Even including Alabama, they don’t see a single game when Georgia will need to score 30+ points to win.

So, in the comments, play along and tell us how many points Georgia will have to score to win each of its games in 2020.


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34 responses to ““How many points will Georgia need to win each of their games?”

  1. The goal against Florida should be to aim for 100 and never let off the gas.

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    • Russ

      When we throw a bomb in the final minute of the 4th quarter to increase our lead to 51 points, I want Kirby to call for the onside kick. Once we recover, I want Zirkel to kick a 50 yard field goal as time expires.


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  2. Biggen

    Whatever it needs to be, it needs to be better than last year. Our D only allowed 20+ points in two games last year which is elite defense and should win you championships. But when the offense can’t even muster more than 17 against SC then its still a shit offense anyway you cut it.

    I’m not comfortable if we can’t average at least 30 points a game. Need a safety net.

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  3. mddawg

    The correct answer is “more than the other team”.

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  4. 28 really should be enough in most games, assuming the offense also doesn’t turn it over.


  5. Salty Dawg

    In the grand scheme of things, it’s either a W or L, but I would like as many as f’ing possible all the time, please.

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  6. Holiday Inn Bagman

    Ark – 11
    Auburn – 28
    UT – 22
    Bama – 31
    Kentucky – 18
    Florida – 36
    Missouri – 18
    MSU – 25
    South Carolina – 21
    Vandy – 2


    • practicaldawg

      20 should be more than enough to dispatch Mullen, but it will be nice to get into the 40s.

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    • Georgia didn’t give up 20 points but once in the 2019 regular season, and that required overtime. You’ve got the defense giving up 20 or more points in six games, and averaging about 20 ppg in defensive scoring, which is more than a TD worse than last season.

      Where do you see the reasons for the decline coming from?


      • munsonlarryfkajim

        Maybe history showing us Georgia fans that what we think is our greatest asset every season never quite lives up to expectations?


      • Holiday Inn Bagman

        Don’t expect much drop off but I expect our offense to turn the ball over more and generally put the defense in bad positions more often so consider that my confidence interval for the unexpected as you never know when that 20+ point give up is coming fueled by turnovers and bad field position. I expect Florida, UT, and Auburn will be better, Bama excellent as usual, Ark/Mizzou/Vandy/Kentucky about the same, and MSU being a total wild card. Also wonder if having no fans in the negates home field defensive advantage.


        • siskey

          I worry about the offense turning the ball over too. I know that narrative around Fromm is ‘he sucked and I’m glad that he left” but despite his limitations, he was smart with the ball and took hits or threw the ball away when other QBs would have thrown interceptions.


      • Texas Dawg

        I hope that the increase is because UGA will be scoring fast and often putting our D on the field many more times. This brings in the blind squirrel theory that if the other team is on the field more often (and possibly with the starting D resting a lot) that lady luck will smile on them once in a while.


    • The genuis with 3 stars gonna get hot, huh? Lol

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    • Bulldawg Bill

      Hey “Doc”! MSU-25? UT-22? SC-21? Ye of little faith!!!


    • PTC DAWG

      All too high except for Bama and Vandy


  7. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Well, we know they only need 18 points to beat Sideshow Dan the Clown. So mark that down.

    Points the Dawgs need to beat each team on their schedule:

    Arkansas: 11
    Auburn: 18
    Tennessee: 4
    Alabama: 32
    Kentucky: 18
    Florida: 15
    Mizzou: 14
    Missy State: 25
    Sakerlina: 21
    Vandy: 4


  8. gurkhadawg

    How long has it been since a team was unscored upon? Tennessee in the 50’s? You might see it again.


  9. FlyingPeakDawg

    Let the D handle everything all season long.


  10. Other than Bama, I don’t think we’ll need to score more than 30 to win this year.

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  11. benco04


    Before I answer, I humbly request a statistic that I’m too lazy to calculate/lookup. How many opponent possessions per game did we face last season? And, to juxtapose, how many opponent possession per game did S. Miss and Ok St face when Monken was on staff.

    Our defense is going to be really really good. But if they face an average of 3-4 more possessions per game, there could be a drop off from last season, right?