“Well, the dog is a magnet.”

Another COVID casualty.

For the first time since there has been an Uga, there won’t be an Uga mascot on the sidelines with Georgia Bulldogs this fall.

Uga X, the latest in a long line of white English bulldogs who have served as Georgia’s mascot since the 1950s, will be banned from the sidelines this year. But it’s nothing personal.

All live mascots are forbidden to be on the field this year by NCAA and SEC mandate. It’s part of the social-distancing plan to be able to play football amid the coronavirus pandemic this year. Only players, coaches and personnel deemed “essential” will be permitted in the area considered the field of play.

It’s been a helluva year already, ain’t it?


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27 responses to ““Well, the dog is a magnet.”


    D, JD….

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  2. 69Dawg

    Well heck there goes the whole damn season.


  3. sniffer

    We have to be saved from ourselves. It’s impossible to avoid petting an adorable dog that’s separated from you by a fence and 30” of hedge.

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  4. It’s official,



  5. Tony BarnFart

    Uga is “essential” personnel in my book. Hire Butch Jones as an analyst and let Charles Seiler give him the tutorial on how to help Uga relieve himself.

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  6. Idlewild Dawg

    robert baker approves of this message

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  7. Just stupid. I’m sure if Auburn and Alabama had a live mascot that was on the field all of the time, the SEC office would have found a way to approve.


  8. Teacher Martin

    Why can’t he be in the stands?

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  9. Granthams Replacement

    If UGA generated revenue he would be in the stadium.

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  10. As the pandemic has dragged on I’ve tried very hard not to focus too much on the things that are different/strange and instead try to appreciate (well, appreciate is likely the wrong word, maybe “consider” or “observe”) the uniqueness of this time in history – to see it clearly as it is not as I would have it be. My gut feeling is that we may not get an entire season anyhow but it will be equally strange without Uga stalking the sideline. Interesting times indeed.


  11. Ran A

    Clearly… “Stupid is as Stupid Does”

    Forrest Gump’s Mom – 1994


  12. I see no reason for this.


  13. theorginaldawgabides

    Put his dawghouse on the plaza area under the scoreboard with some security to keep people from congregating. I see absolutely no problem here.


  14. waltergeiger

    covid paranoia really sucks. they think Uga’s drool would spread it? participation trophy generation fools.

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    • TN Dawg

      Over 26,000 positive cases at 100 universities the last week of August bleeding over to September.

      Zero hospitalizations.

      The threshold for “positive” PCR tests is so infinitesimal that even a fraction a destroyed RNA particle is being read as “infected”.



  15. Derek

    Some enterprising student should figure out a way to have a live hologram of UGA.

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  16. akascuba

    The Jumbotron or whatever the giant TV over the bridge is called now. Needs a single signal. UGA cam live Zoomed from his dawg house Lording over the field whenever the game is being played. ADGM lacks the stones to make this happen.

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  17. barneydawg

    Just hire the Ole Miss player that did the dog peeing in the end zone thing and put him in an UGA costume.