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Getting a little ahead of ourselves here

Yeah, CBSSports.com still has a quarterback from Georgia going in the first round of its mock NFL draft.  It’s just not the one we were expecting.

Screenshot_2020-09-10 2021 NFL Mock Draft Patriots plan for future with QB, Chiefs take heir apparent to Travis Kelce

Before you laugh… okay, after you laugh, consider that if Daniels is a legit first round pick next year, Georgia is likely to have had a damned fine 2020 season.  I can live with that.

(BONUS:  These people won’t be able to live with that.)



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Slow and furious

And a good morning to you, Cade Mays’ lawyer…

It’s going to serve you right if his prior institution slow plays cooperation during the appeals process long enough for your client to miss most or all of the 2020 season.


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Monken and defensive plays run

I saw a question or two in the comments about what kind of impact Monken’s playcalling/scheme might have had on the number of plays his teams had to defend, so I thought I’d dive into the data at cfbstats.com to find out.

First, as I did with yesterday’s turnover post, here’s the baseline — Georgia’s numbers during Smart’s four seasons to date.  Data includes the number of plays run, national rankings and plays per game, in that order.

  • 2016:  809 (9th) 62.23
  • 2017:  943 (100th) 62.87
  • 2018:  890 (67th) 63.57
  • 2019:  900 (87th) 64.29

Note the modest trend upwards there, although I suspect that last year’s increase might be somewhat tied to a decline in Georgia’s third-down conversion rate.

Now, on to Oklahoma State, starting with the year before Monken’s arrival.

  • 2010:  1069 (120th) 82.23
  • 2011:  1089 (120th) 83.77
  • 2012:  1034 (120th) 79.54

You have to admire the consistency.  Seriously, though, it looks like Monken had almost no effect on the number of plays OSU had to defend in his two seasons there.  (Remember, too, the Cowboys were running something close to a pure Air Raid scheme then, something that won’t be happening in Athens.)

And here’s the tale of the tape at Southern Miss, starting with Ellis Johnson’s winless season there.

  • 2012:  838 (21st) 69.83
  • 2013:  890 (57th) 74.17
  • 2014:  845 (24th) 70.42
  • 2015:  998 (115th) 71.29

A modest impact, and one that nobody there cared about, given the vast improvement in offense Monken oversaw (remember, offensive ypp increased by two yards per play over that period).

Bottom line, nothing really to see here, especially when you consider that Georgia’s defensive depth far surpasses that at Monken’s last two collegiate stops.  YMMV, of course.


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My kind of gap

Tom Fornelli breaks down the eleven teams he sees with a real chance to make the 2020 college football playoffs.  Florida is included, but with these discouraging words:

… Unfortunately for the Gators, the one thing that separates them from being a team that’s a real title threat in my eyes is the talent gap between them and the others mentioned in this space. According to 247Sports’ Team Talent rankings, no team I included on this list is less talented than Florida at No. 16 overall. That’s not a knock on the Gators’ talent as much as it’s a statement about how freaking hard it is to be good enough to win a national title.

Trust me, it’s a knock on the Gators.  It’s a good thing they have an offensive genius as their head coach to make up for their talent shortcomings.  And when I say shortcomings, I mean shortcomings.  The gap in the team talent rankings between Florida and NC State is smaller than the gap between Florida and Georgia.

They’re gonna need a bigger transfer portal.


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Ohio’s Attorney General strenuously objects.

If you need any more proof that 2020 has run completely off the rails, look no further than this.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is ready to recommend that Ohio State University officials file a lawsuit seeking monetary damages from the Big Ten and member schools that voted against playing football this autumn.

A team of state lawyers studying Ohio State’s contracts with the Big Ten believe an “excellent contract claim for several tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue” can be demanded in a lawsuit, Yost told The Dispatch…

“I think we have a cause of action” for violating contracts between the Big Ten and Ohio State and for illegal interference in a business relationship, Yost said.

“If these negotiations (over playing football) fall apart, we will be recommending legal action to our client, Ohio State University,” he said, adding his office believes the Big Ten lacked legal authority to cancel or delay the football season.

Yost, in case you were wondering, is an Ohio State grad.  Although I’m not sure his alma mater welcomes his help.

Comment was being sought Wednesday evening from Ohio State University administration officials. Asked for his comment on Yost’s statements, OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith provided a one-word response: “Nothing.”

In case you’re also wondering if there’s anything else the conference has done for which Yost believes it’s overstepped its authority, well…

A Big Ten decision to begin playing football later would cancel talk of a lawsuit, Yost said, although he expressed doubts about the conference’s legal ability to cancel non-conference games.

This year is nuts.


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A little Dawg porn to start your day

Bruce Feldman ($$) made a list of the top eleven freshmen to have an impact in the 2020 season.  One Dawg is mentioned:

10. (tie) Jalen Carter, DT, Georgia

The Dawgs are very deep on defense and have quite a rotation up front, but the 6-3, 310-pound Carter is a name to remember. He comes from the same high school as Hall of Famer Warren Sapp, and we’re hearing he has ridiculous quickness to go with a ton of brute strength. He’s the strongest freshman defensive lineman at Georgia in years. He also has good instincts and plays with a real edge to him. Of all the big-time big men Kirby Smart has brought to Athens, this might be the most gifted one.

That’s quite the finishing sentence there.  And yet, with all the depth on Georgia’s defense, it’s hard to see how much playing time Carter manages to carve for himself.  Then again, if he’s that special…


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