My kind of gap

Tom Fornelli breaks down the eleven teams he sees with a real chance to make the 2020 college football playoffs.  Florida is included, but with these discouraging words:

… Unfortunately for the Gators, the one thing that separates them from being a team that’s a real title threat in my eyes is the talent gap between them and the others mentioned in this space. According to 247Sports’ Team Talent rankings, no team I included on this list is less talented than Florida at No. 16 overall. That’s not a knock on the Gators’ talent as much as it’s a statement about how freaking hard it is to be good enough to win a national title.

Trust me, it’s a knock on the Gators.  It’s a good thing they have an offensive genius as their head coach to make up for their talent shortcomings.  And when I say shortcomings, I mean shortcomings.  The gap in the team talent rankings between Florida and NC State is smaller than the gap between Florida and Georgia.

They’re gonna need a bigger transfer portal.


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  1. spur21

    Great thing to see first thing in the morning.


  2. mg4life0331



  3. Florida with only 2 5-star players on their entire roster, and one of them was a malcontent transfer from Georgia? That’s recruiting malpractice.

    But, spring practice, Kyle Tras[h], offensive genius, or some other BS.

    If the Handbags beat us this year without a ton of help or a run of C-19 through the Georgia locker room, everyone should cancel their subscriptions to the recruiting services because they don’t mean $#!+.


  4. Down Island Way

    Color me red and black, still not seeing FU as the team that makes me pee my pants (UGA defense does) on nov. 7th… position group by group, just not feeling it from FU, true, there is potential talent in the FU roster and potential losses on that FU schedule, wristband genius or not…#FTMF

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  5. practicaldawg

    I just don’t see any scenario where Florida makes it to the playoff and has success given their talent level, especially on the LOS. You simply can’t survive a regular season’s worth of injuries and expect to compete with the top 3-4 teams in the country on the LOS.

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  6. Obvious disclaimer — this comment assumes there will be something approaching a “full” 10-game season this year….

    I’m not going to poo-poo Florida’s chances to walk away with an SEC Championship this year and a CFP bid. It’s the Year of Covid. Anything can happen. When you take into the consideration that more marquee players may yet opt out, in any given week there may be potential marquee players quarantined, and several games could be cancelled/forfeited without hopes of being rescheduled, heck, Kentucky could win the SECCG this year.


  7. Harold Miller

    Don’t forget #FTMF.

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  8. GruvenDawg

    FYI, I am not sure the current aggregate data from the 247 team talent is right. Ie Bama with no 3 stars and us with 19 5 stars.


  9. Russ

    They’ll need a bigger transfer portal and the correct wristbands combined with a lot of hope.


  10. W Cobb Dawg

    There are gonna be a lot of red faces in the pundit community once they see the team fu puts on the field. They’ll be lucky to go 7-3. There’s no dominant player returning on D. If QB Trask or TE Pitts miss ANY time, it’ll be catastrophic.


  11. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Just think how much trouble Floriduh would be in if Sideshow Dan the Clown was a (media) certified genius? 🙄

    Fuck those muthafuckas!

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  12. Valerie-Daniel Royal

    Offensive genius yet gets shut down by a Kirby defense every year.


  13. PTC DAWG

    I don’t see how UF is justified to be in the “there’s a chance” column.


  14. RangerRuss

    Piss on the gators and their slimy portal master. Seeing the talent rankings with UGA on top brings to mind the question,”If you’re so damn smart why ain’t you rich?” Well, why haven’t the Dawgs won the NC lately?
    There are a few extenuating excuses. Poor officiating, outdated offensive mindset, injuries and loss of key receivers and possibly just bad luck. But the most glaring reason to me is amongst those nineteen 5 stars there is and has been no generational QB the likes of which Clemson has poached from across the Savannah river twice in the last few years. The type who has four dozen or more starts at the top HS level. Not simply raw talent or great leadership ability but a 6 star if you will.
    Lord willing and Chicon virus(that’s right. ChiCON) doesn’t interfere Monken can develop Daniels or Mathis the way those gratefully departed two at LSU did. Win it all this year and/or next.
    Until then I’ll gladly settle for the Dawgs stomping a mudhole in the ass of those who so richly deserve it.
    Fuck all those motherfuckers!
    Tee the damn ball up!


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