Ohio’s Attorney General strenuously objects.

If you need any more proof that 2020 has run completely off the rails, look no further than this.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is ready to recommend that Ohio State University officials file a lawsuit seeking monetary damages from the Big Ten and member schools that voted against playing football this autumn.

A team of state lawyers studying Ohio State’s contracts with the Big Ten believe an “excellent contract claim for several tens of millions of dollars in lost revenue” can be demanded in a lawsuit, Yost told The Dispatch…

“I think we have a cause of action” for violating contracts between the Big Ten and Ohio State and for illegal interference in a business relationship, Yost said.

“If these negotiations (over playing football) fall apart, we will be recommending legal action to our client, Ohio State University,” he said, adding his office believes the Big Ten lacked legal authority to cancel or delay the football season.

Yost, in case you were wondering, is an Ohio State grad.  Although I’m not sure his alma mater welcomes his help.

Comment was being sought Wednesday evening from Ohio State University administration officials. Asked for his comment on Yost’s statements, OSU Athletic Director Gene Smith provided a one-word response: “Nothing.”

In case you’re also wondering if there’s anything else the conference has done for which Yost believes it’s overstepped its authority, well…

A Big Ten decision to begin playing football later would cancel talk of a lawsuit, Yost said, although he expressed doubts about the conference’s legal ability to cancel non-conference games.

This year is nuts.


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10 responses to “Ohio’s Attorney General strenuously objects.

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Does he have a plaintiff’s law firm or two willing to work the case at a reasonable fee? For the children of course.


  2. J.R. Clark

    I would love to be in the courtroom for this one…
    Q: Did the conference’s presidents, including Ohio State University, take a vote or come to a consensus regarding the decision to cancel the football season?
    A: Well…yes…sort of…
    Judge: Case dismissed!


    • Yeah, this is what I don’t get — OSU’s president voted to cancel the season.

      But, actually, I totally get it. Because this is obviously a case of political posturing on the part of the AG, not a signal that he seriously thinks he can win this case.


  3. KornDawg

    Strenuously objects? Is that how it works?
    I’m here for all of the A Few Good Men references, but will also accept references to Glengarry Glen Ross, The Godfather (or Godfather Part 2,) and Shawshank.


  4. gurkhadawg

    You lawyers crack me up.

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  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Because Attorney Generals have nothing better to do.


  6. Dawg19

    (Me watching the Big Ten burn)