Sounds like the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


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  1. FlyingPeakDawg

    Pruitt knows Kirby was cheating because he’d already found and pocketed Kirby’s ball.

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  2. Pruitt is always going to be polarizing to me. On the one hand, his fire and desire to want to win was SORELY needed when he came to Athens.

    On the other hand, I have no doubt that his Alabama high school hero act wore thin very quickly.

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  3. Seems like a little golf trash talk between friends although implying Kirby cheats on social media probably isn’t going to work out well for Orangeneck and the Hillbillies in a few weeks.

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    • Down Island Way

      Your caddie always knows where to find the golf balls you hit…


      • When I was in Scotland with my Dad, we never lost balls when we had caddies (unless we hit it off the world). They would go right to where the ball landed in the rough and find it right away. The one day we played without walking (and no forecaddie) we lost enough balls for the week. You would see where it went and then not find it.


    • Idlewild Dawg

      “In a few weeks”…. Damn that has a nice ring to it


  4. stoopnagle

    That’s adorable.


  5. TripleB

    Never cared for Pruitt after the way he treated Richt.


  6. The Truth

    Jeremy knows what he saw when he was trying to talk the beer cart girl into going into the woods with him.

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  7. stoopnagle

    Pruitt is the type of person who wears a mask but it doesn’t cover his nose.

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