Gus bust?

You know, I’ve long subscribed to a contrarian view of how Auburn’s season will go:  the Tigers are almost always better when they’re not taken seriously in the preseason and vice versa.

Pat Forde’s got a different working theory.

Here’s a weird trend: The season after Auburn beats Alabama, there is a notable regression. In 2011, after winning the national title the previous season, the Tigers went 8–5. In 2014, after playing for the national title the previous season, the Tigers went 8–5. In 2018, after winning the 10 games and the SEC West the previous season, the Tigers went—you guessed it—8–5. While quarterback Bo Nix is back this season and should take a step forward in his play, there are major personnel losses to deal with in addition to the usual brutal schedule.

I’ll see where that goes this season.  I’d like to think he’s right, though, because it’s a great two-fer — ‘Bama loses in one season and Auburn’s meh in the next.


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9 responses to “Gus bust?

  1. Ran A

    Including the 2010 year, Auburn has 87 wins. Take out the 2010 year, Auburn has 73 wins – that’s an average of 8 wins a season. that’s 87 wins in 132 games and 73 wins in 118 games, which comes to a 0.66 an d0.62 win %. Your welcome to fact check – I did this quickly.

    In short, Auburn has been pretty mediocre for the last decade with an over-all record. There is a 12 win record and a 10 win record mixed into this, which lifts up the average.

    You can understand the over-all frustration of the average Auburn alumni/fan.


  2. HirsuteDawg

    I don’t care for Auburn.


    • Down Island Way

      May the brain trusts at the barn never dump the gus bus…7.5 million for 8 wins and sometimes 10 wins a year is really something to be amused by…just kidding, could care friggin’ less what those cousin dating, goat molesting flat liners do…


    • Harold Miller

      I like trucks…


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    With the exception of LSU, I think aubie lost more essential players than any other sec team. Four OL starters, Brown, Coe and Davidson on the DL, their top RB, etc. Only losing 5 games might be a good year…


  4. TripleB

    I hope the trend continues. I’ve been real nervous about playing them and Alabama so early.


    • miltondawg

      I, too, hope the trend continues. But I am also nervous about playing them week two. I will be very interested to see what Chad Morris does offensively with this team. He may have been a complete bust as a HC, but his teams as OC have been dangerous. I also hate playing them when the expectations for them are low.