Run the damned ball, Monken.

Funny, but that doesn’t look very Air Raid-ish to me.


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  1. I don’t know who were why this air raid thing keeps getting perpetuated but hes never been a 5 out 5 vert guy. hes a diverse play caller that uses the resources he has available to max potential. And he’s got some of the best tools for a running game anyone could have.


    • He inherited an Air Raid scheme at OSU and said he stuck with it in 2011. That’s where the label originated.

      I agree that what he’s run since then can’t be labeled the same way.

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      • Ah. I guess in my studies and watching plays and what not I didn’t go back to 2011. Sounds like he did what I mentioned though, he went with what was there and available.

        It seems to be important to fans to latch on to some type of scheme or philosophy and I am a big believer that you have all these schemes and philosophies at your disposal. I think monken is like that…situation and personal dependent.


  2. Greg

    What strikes me most in watching this is not really the play calling, it’s the entire offense….they all seem the be really in sync when the ball is snapped.

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  3. Russ

    It would be good to see/hear it. Nothing happens for me except some player that doesn’t play anything.


  4. FlyingPeakDawg

    Wait, wait, wait. Who are those two guys next to the QB? We don’t allow FB or TE’s. Cook is going to be the lead blocker for Zeus?

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  5. akascuba

    I dont care how we score just do it often without a lot of turn overs. Ill like our chances with this defense.

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    Run. The. Damn. Ball…till you can’t. 🙂

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    • dawgtired7

      I love to run the ball as much as anyone but as a rule of thumb…how many 3 and outs should be determined as ‘can’t’? Maybe we should put a number on it so we’ll know when to start throwing the ball.
      I remember one of our OCs saying he was determined to run the ball 20 times in the first half (regardless of outcome) to set up success running the ball in the second half. It takes more patience than I have if we are not collecting first downs.

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  7. Down Island Way

    Let’s roll the Monken red carpet out on the 26th…’till then… air raid, land rush, it’s gonna be 50-50 at the end of the day….


  8. benco04

    For every “Monken running power” clip, my guess is you’ll find a “Chaney running 00 personnel” clip. That’s my take on this post and not necessarily what will happen this fall.

    I don’t think this offense is going to have a Mike Leach feel to it anymore than it will have a Fisher Deberry feel to it. But from a scheme perspective, I’d get used to seeing players run in directions we haven’t seen very much as Georgia fans.


  9. argondawg

    Ive just got one question. Will we be allowed to throw between the hashmarks? Is that still legal?