Too much time on their hands

Apparently after all these years, it’s just now come to the attention of the Attorney General of the State of Nebraska that the Big Ten “is operating and conducting business within the State of Nebraska without being registered and/or failing to maintain registration to conduct business within the State of Nebraska.”  Obviously, the man has had a lot on his plate.

What follows in the letter is a long list of requested documents to be furnished by the 21st and a threat of civil penalties for failure to comply. Shit, it’s none of my business, but if I were Kevin Warren, I would be awfully tempted to channel my inner Delany and threaten to terminate Nebraska’s Big Ten membership by the same date. That would sure solve the problem.

It’s amazing they think this is going to work.  What a clusterfuck.



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  1. miltondawg

    Personally, I love it.

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Senator, I honestly don’t know why you’re opposed to this.

    If I were a business owner in Lincoln, NE and the Big Ten cancelling their football season for no good reason I can see would cost me money or force my business to close, you damn well better expect that I would want my public servants to fight for me and my business, because that is literally their job.

    Kevin Warren and the Presidents have obtusely not taken into account how the decision they made will effect the economies and businesses of all these towns and states, and they should be made to answer.

    Why is this bad? Politicians are supposed to be public servants, and part of serving the public is making sure public officials, which the Big Ten presidents are, and by extension, their mouthpiece Kevin Warren is, are held accountable for their terrible decisions.

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    • PTC DAWG

      The Senator doesn’t think anyone should be playing sports.


      • Guy who writes a college football blog doesn’t want college football.

        Truly a genius take on your part.

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        • PTC DAWG

          You sure do act like it at times…

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            • jarviscrowell

              Thats my impression as well. You certainly were not on the side of playing. Neutral at best but many posts these past few months had a tone of recommending against playing

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              • For the umpteenth time, I want them to play. I really want them to bubble, because that’s the safest way for them to play.

                If schools don’t want to make the effort to protect their health, yeah, I’ve got a problem with that. But don’t confuse that with not wanting them to play.

                This is the last time I’m gonna say this. If you want to misinterpret my position going forward, knock yourself out.

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                • TN Dawg

                  I can only give you one reader’s perception of why it appears at times that you may be antagonistic towards the idea of the sport reopening and playing in a normal fashion.

                  As a consistent agitator against amateurism, you leave this reader with the impression that you find the power structure that has created and runs college football to be of low moral character, both prior to, during, and presumably after the current situation.

                  As such, this reader is left questioning the motivation for supporting the enbubbling of the sport. Because it seems as if the narrative is “we must bubble the players, but you can’t bubble the players because they aren’t paid, therefor you must pay the players”. It could be construed that given that the players themselves, nor the parents of the players, are protesting in outrage about the lack of a bubble to protect them, that you are less responding to the concerns of the players about their health and more using the idea of a bubble as a cudgel to strike a blow for player compensation.

                  Additionally, it appears at times that you may be of a certain political ideology, and as alluded to in some playpen posts, there is a concept that if sports are kept shut down, that it might affect a particular party or candidate in an adverse fashion.

                  Now to be fair, that may be a completely incorrect read of your motivations. You may genuinely think that without a bubble, the players may suffer irreparable harm and you are genuinely concerned at a greater level than the players themselves and the parents of those players.

                  But there is an old axiom, “when they say it’s not about the money, its about the money.”


    • Ozam

      Exactly…. But in today’s upside down world the sane are deemed to be insane.

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    • Biggen

      I think the Senator is pointing out the absurdity that are the terms “student athlete” and “amateurs” and how no one brought up any of this before the cancellation of the season. Despite the fact that even people leaving under a rock know damn good and well that the institutions make money hand over fist and are turning a massive profit.

      In other words, they were fine to let sleeping dogs lie and maintain the status quo forever until the season was cancelled.

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      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        There is also a general legal principle that I am going to paraphrase as ‘use it or lose it’. It’s why all the cease and desist letters get sent by lawyers to people using their trademarks, etc. It’s why HOAs need to enforce their bylaws, and when they don’t and someone they don’t like moves in and they try to enforce it they may not be able to do so. Nebraska has sat on its hand for however long they have been in the B10, and I can’t someone in the position of AG thinks he has a case. Of course, it might just be a political move. 😉


  3. akascuba

    IMO there are no more self righteous pompous hippocrits to be found in college football than those in the B10.

    I really feel sorry for all the players especially those in their final year.

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  4. ASEF

    Would I pay to see it? Yes, I would.

    “Well, since we can’t do business in Nebraska anymore, I guess we’ll let you guys go figure something out with the P12 or that conference you left because you felt like they cared way more about Oklahoma and Texas than you.”


  5. Watching Prince Ave v Rabun county. Brock is leading a comeback.


  6. atticus34

    I just think it’s comical that you think players aren’t getting tremendous benefits.


  7. CB

    What does Warren do it UM, tOSU and others follow suit? Kick them all out?