We’re all sensitive people.

Jimmy Hyams clues us in on what has Master Mays’ lawyer’s panties in a wad.

But I also know some of the circumstances surrounding Mays’ decision to leave.

For one, Georgia coaches told Cade Mays if he signed with the Bulldogs, Georgia would recruit his younger brother, Cooper, so they could play together in college.

But a source said Georgia quit recruiting Cooper. who eventually signed with Tennessee.

Secondly, Georgia bounced Mays around from one spot to the other on the offensive line, which was apparently unsettling to Mays.

A Georgia assistant later apologized to Mays for the way he was treated, a source said.

Assuming for the sake of argument this is all true (yeah, I know), if all it takes for a transfer waiver to be granted is for a coach to change his mind about routine stuff like that, every player in the country would be free to transfer every year.

That’s some toxic environment ‘ya got there, Jimmy.



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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I believe the faborite term around this site is “weak sauce”.


  2. I mean he did get moved around a lot because they were trying to figure out a spot for him. And that’s pretty common for most OL unless you’re super elite. Plus was competing with 2 of the best in the nation and in history. And when they left for the draft he started in the very next game.

    I was very big on Cade, And I feel some sympathy that his brother didn’t get to come, but his brother wasn’t up to the elite status our O line has reached. It wasn’t hate.

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  3. Ran A

    They have already played this card and the NCAA yawned. So go play it again.

    Here is the bigger question. If Georgia goes out and signs the younger Mays does that mean Cade stays? Does that mean the lawsuit that came in December never materializes?

    If so, then who is being petty here?

    The kid did everything Georgia asked him to do from a playing stand point, and gave a full effort, up until the Baylor game. I do believe that.

    This has felt more parent driven than anything else. One other interesting point. Many pointed to the Pit Boss leaving for the Arkansas job as a big reason Mays left. If Mays was treated so poorly, that was under that position group.

    Bottomline: It is clear that this family/attorney will take whatever action they feel needed in order for their son to get a waiver. We’ll just have to sift through how much of it is actually true. The have already shown a propensity to ‘at best’ exaggerate.

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  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    If I had to guess I’d put my money on lots of this being on a stage parent dad.

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  5. munsonlarryfkajim

    Yeah I was going to say “poor Cade got his fee fees hurt”. But then I realized it’s his dad who Has the hurt feelings

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  6. Georgia bounced Mays around from one spot to the other on the offensive line

    I’m sure the players who sat the bench while Cade played felt so much better about their situations than the poor circumstances Cade found himself in. I mean who would want to actually play while learning different positions and improving their draft stock instead of just sitting the bench until the better player in front of them left?

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    • stoopnagle

      Yes, I agree. My thought is as an underclassman and an OL that if you can plug and play in a lot of spots, that’s to your benefit. And, now that 2 First Rounders are gone off the line, odds were in your favor that as a player with a lot of experience, you were about to settle in to your spot. But, I’m not the one having to do the work and earn the spot, so there’s that. Is there any doubt Cade is the best OL at UT right now?



    Saying you will recruit his younger brother is not the same as saying you will sign him.

    Honestly, I’m for letting him play…he went back home…the NCAA at least needs to be consistent with these transfers…and not make it just look like only QB’s get to play instantly.

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    • The NCAA just needs to go ahead and adopt a one-time free transfer rule and put an end to all this silliness.

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      • PTC DAWG

        That’s too easy, too cut and dried that way…and Lawyers don’t get paid either. Also, makes too much sense.


      • junkyardawg41

        I’m with you because I think it takes a big issue off the table. Having said that, how long after the transfer rule is adopted before player A takes his transfer from School A and then at School B decides to transfer to a School to be named later. Is denied. And then his lawyer challenges the NCAA to approve it for “bad atmosphere”


  8. FlyingPeakDawg

    Only way he sees the inside of the Superdome again is if he buys a ticket.

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  9. I have no problem if the NCAA gives him eligibility, but I don’t think he qualifies under the rules. Of course, I didn’t think Daniels qualified for eligibility under the rules. I bet if he had decided to go somewhere out of conference (or maybe even to follow Pittman to Arkansas), Kirby would have said fine.


  10. godawgs1701

    Must have been really tough, staring down the barrel of being one of literally hundreds of thousands of brothers who didn’t get to play college football together.


  11. mddawg

    If Cade has to sit a year, that’d be his redshirt year right? So that’s one more year of eligibility that he has to play ball with his brother. If that’s really what mattered to him, why fight for immediate eligibility?