“We’re always going to be an RBU team.”

James Cook is rarin’ to go.

For the first time in his three years at Georgia, Cook is expected to play a more integral role than he has so far.

Although Cook comes in with 72 carries for 472 yards and 24 career catches for 221 yards, he has never really had the chance to show what he could do as a featured tailback.

Under new offensive coordinator Todd Monken, who has stressed the need to get the ball to best his playmakers in space, that’s expected to change.

“It’s easy to be excited, just getting out there,” Cook said. “We’re learning different things, and out there doing the best we can.”

When he spoke to the media two weeks ago, Monken said he’s been impressed.

“Zamir has had a tremendous off-season,” Monken said. “But so, has James Cook.”

I hope that’s right, but I worry that Cook will turn out to be this year’s version of “we’re gonna involve the tight ends in the offense more”.  Prove me wrong, Monken.



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26 responses to ““We’re always going to be an RBU team.”

  1. Teacher Martin

    The first time Cook gets hit he’ll be out for the rest of the game, just like usual. Hope they prove me wrong.


  2. akascuba

    My concern with Cook has been his inability to break tackles and get YAC.
    I`m very hopeful in the right system he can have the break out year we need him to have.

    What is this tight end thing you speak of at UGA?


  3. Got Cowdog

    Why did I just have a flashback of Carlton Thomas trying to run off tackle?


    • Spell Dawg

      Wild-elf! Carlton was like 5’7″ 170lbs (probably rounded up generously on both figures). Cook is (much) bigger, but I’m with you. Let’s hope he’s used to maximize his strengths.

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  4. Ran A

    Cook in space is a dangerous thing…


  5. akascuba

    The chalk monster has ruined more than a few preseason wonders. I remember our trip to Okie State after the opening drive TD the chalk monster was their leading tackler.
    I was very excited when he signed and certainly wish him all the best for a 1,000+ all round yard season.


  6. theotherdoug

    UGA needs a “play maker in space” that has to be accounted for no matter where he lines up. Especially now that we lost Newman’s running ability.


  7. Cook has been mishandled and in the company of some of the greatest backs ever. Ill reserve judgment until I see him more better utilized. He have a lot more playing time in a whole, whole lot more places. I mean heck, IMac got to the NFL

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  8. I didn’t think we would see a football season this year, I was pretty much convinced of it. I was wrong, and I’m VERY glad that I was. I’ll also be glad if I’m wrong about this, but I still maintain that the reason Cook hasn’t broken out as a dynamic playmaker……is because he isn’t a dynamic playmaker. If the play calls for straight line speed (which very few plays call for), he’s your guy. But if he has to juke a guy, break a tackle, etc, he just doesn’t have that ability. I said it on a previous post, he is fast but not quick. That quickness is usually what makes guys his size dangerous, and he just doesn’t have it. You can blame the playcalling or whatever, but guys who are really THAT dynamic make plays regardless when they get the ball in their hands. And he hasn’t done that.

    Again, I would LOVE to be as wrong about this as I was about having a season this year.


  9. charlottedawg

    I really hope he has a good season but I’ll believe Cook is fast and shifty in space when I see it, because I damn sure have never seen the guy break a tackle. I also would not be opposed to Kenny McIntosh getting Cook’s carries. That kid can ball.


  10. Ozam

    This is year three of the Cook hype. By contest Sony was a significant contributor on Day 1 (just rewatched Clemson game on YouTube). I’m not sold yet, but we shall see!