Moar scrimmage chatter

Sorry, folks, I don’t subscribe to any of the local services, so if you want hush-hush talk about who did what in last Saturday’s scrimmage, I’m gonna have to outsource that to DawgOutWest at Dawg Sports.  Which I’m happy to do here:

I suspect we’ll all be kept guessing when it comes to the starting quarterback, but here’s some notes from Saturday that (we think) we’re more certain about:

  • Freshman phenom Jermaine Burton impressed at wide-receiver and as a punt returner while running with the first-team units. IF Burton can emerge as a legitimate threat that defenses have to respect then it will be massive for the UGA offense. It would keep defenses from throwing extra men at George Pickens, and we all saw what Pickens can do to man coverage during the last few games of the 2019 season.
  • James Cook and Zamir White continue to look like the two-headed monster that we’re hoping they’ll be. White has been showing his pre-ACL agility, and coupling that with some powerful finishes to his runs. Unlike his predecessor, Monken doesn’t seem to be perplexed about how to utilize the Swiss Army knife that is Cook. Observers say he’s been getting the ball on passes out of the backfield, lining up in the slot and carrying the ball well. Excuse me while I drool over this thought for a few moments…

Okay, I’m back.

  • Darnell Washington continues to get rave reviews, and I continue to tingle with anticipation for my purchase of a black #0 jersey with “BIG O” written on the back.
  • Freshman running back Daijun Edwards has been a surprise so far in camp. He might not see a ton of carries in a loaded running back corps, but he’s been flashing speed and power on his carries. Look for him to get some reps on special teams units and wherever else the coaches can get him on the field.
  • Running backs Kendall Milton and Kenny McIntosh were in non-contact jerseys for unknown reasons. That makes the emergence of Edwards all the more important.
  • Nolan Smith and Jermaine Johnson look to have made “the leap” in the offseason. It will be exciting to watch them rush the passer this fall.
  • Lewis Cine looks to be filling the void left by JR Reed nicely.
  • Freshman defensive back Jalen Kimber had a pick-6 while working with the first team defense against the first team offense, and senior Safety Richard LeCounte also had an interception
  • Jared Zirkel is looking like the heir apparent to our departed King Hot Rod. Folks are speaking highly of his big leg.
  • Quay Walker got some first-team reps at inside linebacker alongside Nakobe Dean.

Of all that, while the confirmation that Georgia appears to have running backs again this year is comforting, possibly the biggest news there is Burton’s potential emergence.  As DOW notes, the impact of having another legit receiving target can’t be underestimated for this offense.  Sure hope it’s sustainable.



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28 responses to “Moar scrimmage chatter

  1. I feel weird looking at porn in front of all of you.

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  2. But I will say the Jermain Johnson and Nolan Smith news it what gets me going. Imagine last year’s defense with that additional element. Hubba hubba…


  3. dawg100

    Yeah, but that means our quarterbacks threw them! 🙂

    Freshman defensive back Jalen Kimber had a pick-6 while working with the first team defense against the first team offense, and senior Safety Richard LeCounte also had an interception

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  4. Saw somewhere that Monty Rice was at a funeral and had to miss the scrimmage. So Quay isn’t taking his spot per se.


  5. Have heard that Mathis will be named the starter at QB for Arkansas. My thoughts there are: 1) Is this simply speculation because someone saw him run with the 1’s in the first half of the scrimmage? 2) Because Daniels hasn’t/won’t be cleared to play by Game 1? 3) Has Mathis really beat out Daniels?


  6. argondawg

    Have heard that the offensive line still is not what it will be. I can imagine it is hard for all 5 to get on the same page when you havent had a spring. Although Shaeffer, Hill and Cleveland have all played side by side at times in their careers.Gonna be a wild ride for sure on offense.


  7. Randy Adams

    Interesting… I have been reading that the O-Line has actually performed better than expected. And keep in mind the D-line that they are going up against. I still think that Robertson will emerge as a ‘go to’ once the season starts. This offense is designed to attack the entire field and with QB instruction to do so. And I think our tight ends are going to ‘kill it’; while White eats up yardage on hand offs and Cook absolutely kills teams with short passes putting him in space.

    This offense is better than you think… Everything is relative.. Remember who they are lining up against every day.

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    • willypmd

      It’s amazing what an actual OC will do you help position groups out perform expectations.

      I hope Kirby learned that recruiting matters, but so does coaching.

      I’m as excited for this offense as I have been since 2008


    • You are 100% right. It’s all relative. We all need to keep in mind this is a new OC with a new system, new QB, new OL coach, rebuilt OL….going up against the top defense in the country.


  8. Godawg

    I really looking forward to seeing Darnell Washington on the field. I’ve been excited about him since he signed. That’s a big man…

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  9. gotthepicture

    In all the talk about a dominant defense and questions on offense, I hope the special teams will be above average this year because that will help if the offense takes some time to come together. If special teams sucks, it will be hard for the defense to carry the entire team.

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  10. I have to assume at this point that Mathis is getting the start at Arkansas if Daniels truly has not been cleared for full contact. The coaches will be installing the game plan starting today. Good for the young man. I hope he goes out and takes care of business.

    I would love to see punt return and punt block become weapons in the game. We may need to create field position and turnovers and special teams do that. If Burton is the guy, great.

    I cannot wait to see this defense fly around the field.

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