Scrimmage chatter: quarterbacks

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Kidding, not kidding.

There were a number of boosters who were allowed to watch this week, so presumably nobody’s fee-fees were hurt, which makes it kind of inevitable there would be more info leaking from this scrimmage than the previous one.  Perhaps the best news is that it doesn’t appear any other quarterbacks are dropping out.

Quite the contrary, at least according to Aaron Murray’s take.

“Had the opportunity to head to Athens yesterday to watch the Bulldogs scrimmage and just like everyone else, I think all eyes were on the QB position. How would those guys perform? I thought it was a great scrimmage. I thought everyone looked really good, had their moments to shine. In speaking with Todd Monken before, I think one guy we both feel has a lot of potential, a lot of upside, is D’Wan Mathis.”

He was actually given the nod yesterday to get with the ones in the first half to start the scrimmage off and he didn’t disappoint. I thought he looked really comfortable in the system. He’s a kid with a lot of, like I said, a lot of upside — big arm, athletic. He showed that both inside the pocket, outside the pocket, had some great runs throughout the first half as well. I think he’s someone you continue to work with, has a chance to be pretty darn special, just needs those live, in-game reps. I thought JT (Daniels), when he did take over in the second half, looked comfortable. He looks healthy, waiting to see when he gets cleared.”

I thought the guy to me that looked the best yesterday of all the quarterbacks was Carson Beck. Lucky for him he was going against the No. 2 defense, not that vaunted No. 1 defense that UGA is going to be able to put out there this fall but he looked really comfortable, big, strong arm. He, too, just like D’Wan also made plays both inside and outside the pocket. He’s someone I’m interested in watching over these next couple of years, how his development takes off within this system. But all three quarterbacks, like I said, I thought played really well…”

As mentioned, Mathis got the start, but it sounds like Daniels got plenty of situational work in his time out there.  I’ll stand by my feeling that every day that goes by without Daniels being cleared to play makes a stronger case for Mathis to start.  At some point, whether they like it or not, the coaches are going to have to commit.


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6 responses to “Scrimmage chatter: quarterbacks

  1. munsonlarryfkajim

    Nothing would warm the cockles of my heart like watching the ‘Dawgs whip Ohio (and Justin Fields) in the playoff with Mathis as our QB

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  2. gotthepicture

    Lettermen were also allowed to watch the scrimmage (ergo Murray), but weren’t allowed to bring guests.


  3. Great news on the fee-fees front as well as D’Wan. I find myself rooting for him more every day.

    He’s been through the ringer, and his patience looks like it just might be rewarded. Plus, if Georgia makes the CFBP, you can make a drinking game out of how often Mathis’ medical past is mentioned by the announcers.


  4. Honestly both quarterback should get as much playing time as they can


  5. ASEF

    They’ve got 3 games to figure it out. Kirby would probably prefer to have an answer by the end of game 2.