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No tailgating for you!

Georgia says no.


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“From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”

When did he become a communist?


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Pants on fire

C’mon, now.

One of the nation’s most respected university presidents plans to tell Congressional lawmakers on Tuesday that college programs do not sponsor athletics with the purpose of generating revenue.

“The business model for college athletics is greatly misunderstood by the public,” Wisconsin chancellor Rebecca Blank says in written testimony. “We’re not running sports to primarily make money.”

Primarily is doing a shit-ton of heavy lifting there.  After all, when they say it’s not about the money…


UPDATE:  Paging Jimmy Sexton!



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“There is a legit, 100% (competition).”

Ummm… ‘ya think David Pollack is all in on D’Wan Mathis?

Georgia legend and college football analyst David Pollack recently spoke about the Bulldogs’ future at quarterback on his podcast with co-host Kirk Herbstreit.

“There’s a competition. There is a legit, 100% (competition). “If you want to talk about one of the most talented quarterbacks in the country, D’Wan Mathis does not get past two or three in the country. You watch that guy throw, he can throw it through a carwash and not get it wet. It is insane,” Pollack continues. “He’s got so much arm talent. He can sling the mess out of it. He’s a 4.4 type athlete. He’s a freak athlete. You watch him, he’s not polished yet. And he’s not buttoned up and not smooth.

Talentwise, Mathis is one of the top two or three quarterbacks in the entire country?  Woo, baby.


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StingTalk is back, baby!

If you thought they’d be feeling a little sassy about big brother after that epic win over FSU, well, you’d be right.

Screenshot_2020-09-15 Mutt fans chime in (1)

Bless their hearts.  They’ll spend the rest of the year claiming Georgia was too afraid to play ’em.


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Larry Scott’s conference sticks its finger up to see which way the wind blows.

I guess they’re feeling a little lonely now that the Big Ten is showing signs of backtracking on having a 2020 season.

The Pac-12’s “most aggressive” return plan is currently targeting mid-to-late November, according to a source familiar with the league’s discussions.

Earlier this month, the Pac-12 announced its partnership with Quidel Corporation, a manufacturer of FDA-approved rapid tests that will allow the league to test its student-athletes daily for the coronavirus.

While the new testing systems will be on every campus by the end of the month, the league still expects to need a short time to train staff how to use them, and ensure the proper testing protocols are in place.

Schools in the states of California and Oregon still have not been cleared by public health officials to resume contact practices, let alone games. The league’s presidents and chancellors wouldn’t consider a vote to return until that status changes.

I can’t wait to hear Scott argue that his 3-0 conference champ deserves a playoff berth.


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CFP odds update

Not much change at the top, really.

But FSU at 300/1?  Surely you jest.  Based on what I saw Saturday, I’m not sure I’d take those odds for the Seminoles to turn a plus-.500 record this season.


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“But, hopefully, people can respect our young men and what they believe in…”

You may say Dabo Swinney’s a dreamer

Clemson football players attempted to promote unity and acceptance.

It had the opposite effect on some fans.

The Tigers for Saturday night’s season-opener at Wake Forest wore helmet decals that read “Love,” “Equality,” “Black Lives Matter” and “Put a Stop to Racism.” The team’s official Twitter page, @ClemsonFB, put out a photo showing all for with the words “Playing with a purpose.”

And it created quite a division on the social media platform, plenty of praise but also things like this:

“Love I can support. BLM? No.”

“Done with Clemson football. This is (expletive deleted).”

“Never watching again. Selling all my Clemson merch and donating it to the local PD. You can have the Marxism and lose a fan.”

Just win, baby.  That’ll take care of the dissent.


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