No tailgating for you!

Georgia says no.


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25 responses to “No tailgating for you!

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Well, the only benefit here will be to downtown businesses that desperately need the cash flow.

    I am not unhappy with this turn of events specifically because of that.


  2. Lol. How comic. When faced with the myriad of problems enforcing the original plan, they just said F it.

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  3. Biggen

    How much tailgating happens on the campus proper vs private parking lots?

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  4. Granthams Replacement

    Michael Adams approves of this message.

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  5. Are they going force people to leave their cars when they pull in their designated parking lot? I guess they aren’t going to allow tents, TV systems, etc.

    I noticed they pulled down reserving in the Bulldog Tailgate Club.


    • Down Island Way

      You better be glad I don’t own property near the campus/Sanford Stadium…game day margarita’s for everyone….


  6. TripleB

    Can you drink a few beers as you slowly stroll through north campus to the game from downtown?


    • Patrick O'Rouke

      I would guess that so long as you’re not being obnoxious about things, they’re not going to mess with you given the caveat about hanging out by your car with your people. This just gives them the ability to chase off big groups that would have flaunted whatever requirements they proposed and prevents viral tweets from making the school look bad.

      In sum, this entire thing is a CYA exercise more than it is any sort of public health decision.

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    • stoopnagle



  7. Scotty King

    Off topic, but did we get down to 85 players? Didn’t see much attrition by anyone other than Newoman.


  8. Tony BarnFart

    So basically you can do a 1950s style TAIL-GATE with your 2020 HATCH-BACK ? Just ignore the neighbors– nobody likes the Joneses anyway.


  9. I will be protesting racism in front of the library each Saturday.

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  10. Derek

    In other news, there will be a daily “why can’t boner read?” symposium outside the library on game days.

    Topics shall include:

    compulsive repetition
    meme distribution
    general annoyance
    various irrelevancies
    discussions about how to miss the point entirely.

    No fun will be had by anyone and facts of all types are prohibited.

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    • Hooray as usual, Derek. I’m glad our finest middle school students firmly grasp the public health truth that gathering together to tailgate is deadly, but gathering together to protest is vital and should be encouraged. Some dumber people might think that a virus isn’t woke enough to understand which activities are political and which aren’t. But you’re totally with it. Kudos.

      But you need to use more profanity and insults to really exhibit how brilliant you are and how seriously we should take your arguments.

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  11. akascuba

    I thought I was lucky enough when we got the AUB and UT games rather Missy St and Vandy. Now I`m not so sure I really want to go.

    Agree with earlier post regarding Michael Adams would have found a way to not allow any fans access to general seating. I`m sure all the booths would not be effected and the booze would still be flowing.