StingTalk is back, baby!

If you thought they’d be feeling a little sassy about big brother after that epic win over FSU, well, you’d be right.

Screenshot_2020-09-15 Mutt fans chime in (1)

Bless their hearts.  They’ll spend the rest of the year claiming Georgia was too afraid to play ’em.


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37 responses to “StingTalk is back, baby!

  1. All of sudden they are loaded with QB talent. Who knew!?


  2. munsonlarryfkajim

    So does not playing them this year mean we have to reset our pursuit of the streak?


  3. mddawg

    I hope they win the ACC so we can crush them in a playoff game.

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  4. Bless their hearts! SMH


  5. One dude in that thread is saying Georgia “forfeited” this year’s game. Sure, sugarplum. Whatever helps you forget that that “52–7” branded into y’all’s ass cheeks is going to be there for two years instead of just one.

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  6. I have a friend who has the unfortunate disability of being a Tech fan, and he was saying this from the jump. Like the SEC leaned in Georgia’s favor to spare them from the shocking upset that would be the 2020 COFH game. He is, and they are, one of the most delusional groups I’ve ever seen in my life. It was a nice win for Geoff, but so was Miami last year and it happened for the same reasons it happened against FSU on Saturday, inept offense and a talented defensive unit that was gassed in the second half because Blackmon couldn’t get any drives going. But, hey, they won’t be last place in the ACC!


    • Tony BarnFart

      Is this person really being serious or just trying to screw with you ? The great thing about living out of state is that I don’t know a single Tech fan.

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      • trbodawg

        I agree, but living out of state has other issues – People either ask me why my Green Bay G is Red/Black OR they say “Oh, you’re a fan of the Georgia State Yellow Jackets” WTH???


  7. Kirby on Fech thanks to Seth Emerson:

    “You guys are gonna hate next week! But you don’t blame me! You blame those mother ******* over on North Avenue. Because practice is going to be miserable! I hate them! I hate them! And you hate them!”

    Someone needs to collect all of these quotes, so Kirby can use them next year.

    A big 16-13 win over FSU. Come back and talk smack, nerds, when it’s Clemson on the other side of the field. Hell, maybe, you can talk if you can beat UCF this Saturday.

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    • Down Island Way

      The north avenue fucking trade school may own the 404…UGA runs the state…nerdfootball, whoda’ thunk it…


      • godawgs1701

        Except they don’t… they don’t win recruiting battles against Georgia in the 404 (or Clemson… Alabama… Auburn… Tennessee…I could go on…) and they haven’t won a football game against UGA in the 404 since 1999. LOL

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  8. Rameses II

    I realize that it may take a minute to get used to, but we need to start ignoring Yech now that we don’t play them anymore (hopefully ever). It will drive them nuts. So please, no more Yech posts.

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  9. godawgs1701

    Hey, if Tech wants to play us then they’ve certainly got the option of trying to figure out a way to beat a few ACC teams that aren’t dumpster fires (now that I say that, I realize there are only two that fit that description) and get into the playoff. I can assure the nerds that we would absolutely LOVE to play them there.

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  10. Okay, the post about which three things you consult a Georgia fan about is pretty funny.


  11. Remember the Quincy

    Son, we own the 404, the 770, the 706, the 912, the 229, and every other area code in Georgia. No need to go claiming an area code that only partially covers Atlanta.


  12. Faltering Memory

    Maybe I am in the dark but i never heard of the SECRANT. Glad I hadn’t after looking around,


  13. spur21


    “Beat UCF and we’re probably Top 15. We’d have arguably the most impressive resume in the country.”


  14. 79dawg

    That comment once again reinforces one of my former partner’s favorite sayings about Tech “men”, “Often in error, seldom in doubt…”

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  15. stoopnagle

    Bless their hearts.


  16. UCF is going to salt the earth with them.

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  17. originaluglydawg

    They beat a low rated All Cupcake Conference team and they are crowing as if they stomped Clemson. Silly bastards.


  18. practicaldawg

    The only thing hotter than StingTalk right now is Geoff Collins in his September sideline sweater vest.

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