“There is a legit, 100% (competition).”

Ummm… ‘ya think David Pollack is all in on D’Wan Mathis?

Georgia legend and college football analyst David Pollack recently spoke about the Bulldogs’ future at quarterback on his podcast with co-host Kirk Herbstreit.

“There’s a competition. There is a legit, 100% (competition). “If you want to talk about one of the most talented quarterbacks in the country, D’Wan Mathis does not get past two or three in the country. You watch that guy throw, he can throw it through a carwash and not get it wet. It is insane,” Pollack continues. “He’s got so much arm talent. He can sling the mess out of it. He’s a 4.4 type athlete. He’s a freak athlete. You watch him, he’s not polished yet. And he’s not buttoned up and not smooth.

Talentwise, Mathis is one of the top two or three quarterbacks in the entire country?  Woo, baby.



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  1. GruvenDawg

    Well one thing I will give Urban/Day credit for. They can identify a QB. Hopefully we can coach him up and he progresses as the year moves along. Could be special by Dec 19th.


  2. ASEF

    An over-analyzer coming off an ACL vs Raw Super Freak.

    I can see why it’s a competition. But sounds like your standard “put the two of them together and you’d have an All America QB”

    Mathis sounds like he’s gonna have too much upside to sit.

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    • Spell Dawg

      How many “raw” talents have we seen come & go over the years? There’s a litter of blue chip talent that never managed to acquire the mental game to match their physical talents. QB especially, I amplify the negative nuggets 10 fold.

      …he’s not polished yet. And he’s not buttoned up and not smooth.

      As long as I see appraisals like this, I’m keeping my expectations low.

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  3. “Sling it through the car wash” is way overused


  4. Maybe newman leaving is a blessing. This year is so screwed up getting these guys playing time is gonna be absolutely great for next year. And Brock coming. And Beck. We got only the good kinda QB problems.


  5. munsonlarryfkajim

    People forget he was a 4* recruit that Ohio wanted. He’s never been chopped liver. Just had a 1 year setback due to brain surgery


  6. MGW

    So it’s safe to say he looked pretty good in the scrimmage.


  7. Down Island Way

    Watching our beloved All-American # 47, not to mention 100% DGD, through the years analyzing and speaking, never came across as one to “blow smoke up your ass”, he’s seen a ton of qb’s come and go, even buried a few…not saying his observation about Mr. Mathis is overblown…gotta’ see him on the field under duress…(plus the “Master Recruiter” saw something…


  8. I refuse to get my hopes up about this season! But it’s getting harder not to. Ha.

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  9. Godawg

    Remember, if all else fails, we have Baby Boom waiting in the wings. 😉

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  10. Granthams Replacement

    Pollack is suggesting going the opposite way as the last QB competition.


  11. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I’ve said it here before: Corch, who knows what a QB needs to have deep down inside to really lead a team, to win a national title, wanted D’Wan Mathis. Think about that.

    As much as we justifiably hate that human shit stain, we can’t deny he wasn’t an excellent football coach and an even better judge of a QB’s mettle. He won an effing National Title with his THIRD STRING QUARTERBACK.

    Corch can identify the “it” factor in a QB better than any single coach maybe in NCAA history. While Saban perfected for years having a QB who just didn’t screw it up for his defense to win National Titles, Corch went out and got QBs who won National Titles or elevated their program to new heights (like Alex Smith).

    We hate Corch, but if he wanted D’Wan Mathis, that should excite the hell out of all of us.


    • Derek

      The overlooked aspect is how they simplify the offense so that the athletic talent at qb can flourish. He’s not trying to get a qb pro ready. Just move the chains and score tds. You match that up with a credible defense and then win titles.

      I thought we could do that with Newman. Maybe Mathis is durable and courageous enough. We’ll see.

      If you watched Newton’s debut at NE you can see what a problem it presents to defenses when you have to account for a qb who can run, run with power and throw it just enough.

      Mathis’ hs tape was impressive. Just looked like a raw thrower and a bit on the skinny side. If they can dial up the fromm as a freshman formula: 20 passes a game with the added running threat from the position, maybe we’ll be ok. We know if we post over 20 we’re going to be tough to beat.

      If the plan is “balance” or being LSU/Bama and throwing over 50% of the time, I’m very concerned with where we are at qb.

      We need to be 60/40 run/pass with Newman out imo.

      In other words man ball but more better man ball, because of better receivers, having to account for a running qb and a qb with a much stronger arm.

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      • PTC DAWG

        Cam makes 3-4 games running that much, then he’s hurt..

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      • dawgman3000

        I know what you mean Derek. I would say that Russell Wilson would be a better example of what you want out of dual threat IMO. He’s a guy that uses his feet to buy time to find the open receiver, running only when he has to.


        • Derek

          While it may not have the long term benefits at the nfl level because of injuries, I think a qb who can run for power is a huge asset at the college level. The bind a defense is in in trying to counter a 3rd and 3 or less is invaluable. You’ve got to defend the entire playbook there.

          Thats why I really wanted fields to finish up here. He can escape, throw it a mile and get a tough yard and move the chains.

          You’ve got to outscore that guy and get him in 3rd and long situations where passing is the only option. And unless its 3rd and real long you’ll still need a spy.


      • otto1980

        That is a point about simplification, Fields had 2 INTs against Clemson and Clemson should of had 2-3 more.


    • Andrew Fisher

      [Cold shower warning]
      Corch also saw that same special “mix” in one Tathan Martell.


  12. debbybalcer

    That is cool.

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  13. Tony BarnFart

    For the love of God, just go with the athletic guy this time and let the chips fall where they may. LSU beat our face in playing a dressed up version of backyard football in their best moments. KEEP.IT.SIMPLE.


    • Derek

      If you thought LSU kept it simple, you’re watching some other version than I watched.

      Execution at a high level doesn’t equate to simple.

      Poor execution doesn’t mean complicated.

      When we’re playing 7 dbs and they’re still throwing and catching it, thats not playing with simple one receiver reads.

      Thats full field progression with wrs making sight adjustments and a qb who is laser accurate.

      Its shit you shouldn’t be able to accomplish on a 20 hour work week and wont with most qb/wr combos.

      You might aspire to getting their with a 5th year post grad qb who has nothing but time talent and ambition and a set of talented wrs, but we won’t see what lsu produced very often at this level.

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  14. TripleB

    I always worry about hype when it comes to the Dogs. My best friend is a crazy ass Alabama fan and he always makes fun of how many National Championships and Heisman awards we win in the preseason from the various pundits. He’s probably right about that.

    That being said, I trust Pollack and I think he’s right about this one!! I’m not being delusional am I?


  15. rigger92

    So, I just got off the phone with my dad, ‘92GradSr, and he said “hey, the head football coach was Monken at Lake Park High, in Lake Park, IL, 1966”. His son was born in Wheaton, IL, and he is your OC.” Jesus, dad, you just now know this? “Yeah, Lake Park was always a good team and his son is probably really good”. Lol, small world.