Déjà vu all over again

Quick question:  does this quote from Smart give you the warm and fuzzies?

Could there be similarities between how the QBs will be handled in 2020 to it was handled in 2018 ? “There could be yes.”


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6 responses to “Déjà vu all over again

  1. mddawg

    I’m trying not to freak out over his non-committal answer to a broad question, but no, it does not give me the warm and fuzzies at all. What’s the opposite of that? The cold and and pricklies?

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  2. bcdawg97

    Dan Patrick loves to point out how to best ask questions so that coaches can’t give those types of answers so I think it was more a function of the way the question was asked. If Monken is willing to fit his offense to Cook’s skill set, I have to imagine he’ll find a way to taylor one to whichever quarterback wins the competition. As much as we shit on Corch (and deservedly so) Mathis was an OSU commit so they saw something in him. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wins the competition and never looks back.


  3. classiccitycanine

    Considering the epic fail that was 2018’s QB management process, this gives me the exact opposite of the warm and fuzzies.

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  4. Russ

    So that either means we’re going to make Mathis try to be a straight drop-back passer, or we’re going to make Daniels (with a rebuilt knee) try to be a dual threat runner. I doesn’t make me feel like they will actually tailor the plays to the strengths of the QBs.