Hyperbole, anyone?

The idea that any P5 conference just now in the year 2020 “sold its soul for football” is delusional to start with, but to pretend today is a bigger black eye for the Big Ten than Jerry Sandusky and the institutional coverup that enabled a serial child molester borders on the truly offensive.

Oh, and fuck you with the “became the SEC’ holier than thou crap.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Where was Christine Brennan during the Jerry Sandusky and Larry Nassar cover-ups and trials?

    FFS. The media is just the fucking worst.

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  2. NotMyCrossToBear

    She is woke.

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  3. Eric Trowbridge

    Rust-belt chumps. Everyone knows you should sell your soul for rock and roll. No more, no less.

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  4. I kinda wanna write this woman. “Darkest day in history”. Geez.


  5. MGW

    They were always trying. They just couldn’t figure it out till they hired Urban Meyer.

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    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      That’s why Michigan hired Harbaugh. Had to counterbalance the scales between Urb’s SEC darkness and Jimbo’s B1G light.



    Typical BS from the North…

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    • They really do love talking bad about us don’t they? And if you’ve known people from Ohio Michigan Pennsylvania Indiana they are just as redneck as the rest of us with different accents.

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      • Illini84

        You got that shit right.

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      • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

        I know this is anecdotal, so forgive me for making it, as I am not saying it is true for anyone but myself, but while I’ve heard the “n-word” used in the South by people I’d consider stupid rednecks, I’ve actually heard people from the north, from even some of my own family on Long Island, more than I’ve heard it said here.

        Maybe that’s because I don’t tend to be friendly with folks who are racist and since I’ve lived in Georgia most all my life people in the South are people I’d be friendliest with, and you can’t escape your family, but there it is.

        But yeah, Boston, Philadelphia, New York… those places hide as much racism or more as any holler in Blue Ridge.

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        • On this, we agree. The South clearly still has many issues to deal with, but I’d invite anyone who thinks racism is a Dixie-specific problem to go to a Steelers game, the Mummers Parade in Philly, or pretty much any bar in south Boston the day of a Patriots game.

          And this idea that the B1G is pure as the driven snow, while the SEC is everything wrong with college athletics . . . please. My eyes rolled so hard I may have temporarily thrown the earth an inch or two off its axis.

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        • Illini84

          Pick up “The Death of Santini” by Pat Conroy and read about his Irish family in Chicago. I’m from there and I agree wholeheartedly. MLK once said “people from Mississippi need to come to Chicago to learn how to hate”.

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  7. Anon

    This woman has been an absolute hysterical nut for years. Precovid

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  8. RangerRuss

    Senator, ol buddy ol pal, I truly appreciate you and agree with your statement. Thanks man.

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  9. Ozam

    This is what the media has become. anything to catch the reader’s attention and/or make a name for yourself.

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  10. Cheer wino69

    Follow up article will predict how many grandparents will be murdered by COVID from this decision.

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    • Tony BarnFart

      Yes, I’ve seen some of the most creative ways to carry on life in the past 6 months…..from zoom calls to literal “bubbles” at restaurants, no contact delivery of all types of goods and services.

      Yet…..Dan Wolken &Co. would have you believe that there is no way we can keep 20 yr olds apart from 70yr olds for the max 10 days they are contagious with this virus.

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  11. ASEF

    That’s staggeringly blind.

    Did Ohio State cover up sexual abuse of its wresting team? Yes. Yes it did.

    Did Ohio State try to cover up for Urban and Zach? Yes. Yes it did.

    Did Iowa’s trainer put a bunch of players during January workouts a few years ago? Yes. Yes it did.

    Did Iowa have to fire a different trainer recently for player abuse? Yes. Yes it did.

    Did Michigan’s head coach send a staggering QB back onto the field? Yes. Yes he did.

    Did Maryland kill a kid and then try to hang it on a flow chart? Reinstate the coach? Yes. Yes they did.

    Did Michigan State and Penn State cover up two horrific sexual abuse scandals for years? Yes. Yes they did.

    The B1G didn’t become the SEC. The B1G has never been the SEC on or off the field. Buying players isn’t selling your soul. That list above? That’s selling your soul.

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  12. 86bone

    Fuck’em and feed em all fish…what a joke


  13. whybotherdude

    Big 10 will never be the SEC, The SEC is for winners, suck on that you loser Big 10 losers.


  14. 123fakest

    “It sold it’s soul for football.”

    Small business owners across the MidWest and their FAMILIES are grateful.

    Journalism is dead.

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  15. I’m just glad that it’s happening in that it can only be beneficial for our beneficient Blog we call Home Base. (So call me selfish… :))


  16. gurkhadawg

    “It sold it’s soul for football”. As the Senator alluded to: that ship sailed long ago.


  17. Salty Dawg

    Is she getting paid to be that much of an asshole? The bigger you are, the more you get paid? Because this makes no sense to me. She needs to shut her yap about the SEC.

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  18. argondawg

    I thought we get skewered on here when we talk about sports journalists rooting against playing ball. Or is that ok now? I never bought into it but between her and Wolken I am really beginning to wonder..


  19. Castleberry

    You guys are all wrong. She meant the B1G has become the SEC in the sense that the SEC consistently embarrasses the B1G. In the last month, the B1G has actually blown past the SEC when it comes to embarrassing the B1G. You dig?!?


  20. Idlewild Dawg

    I’ve been here for 12+ yrs (thx to Beer Money) & “The idea that any P5…holier than thou crap” has got to be the best Bluto I’ve read yet. Hellz yes 👊


    • rigger92

      Damn dude, spot on. Love me some of that northern smugness. For me, it is very close to being “WTF are they talking about, they’re worse than everybody.” At least we are “good at football” down here.


  21. godawgs1701

    I feel like I owe Mike Griffith an apology for statements I’ve made about the quality of his writing and opinions.