The Big Ten returns.

Minds changed.

That works out to an eight-game schedule, if I’ve counted on my fingers correctly.  Which begs a couple of interesting questions…

First, will a conference playing fewer games get an equal shake with the selection committee?  Second, with almost no margin for error on the calendar, how soon does the Big Ten start lobbying the playoff folks to modify the 12/20 (the day after the B1G championship game) announcement of the CFP field?


UPDATE:  One bright spot I don’t want to neglect…


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  1. stoopnagle

    …here comes the Pac-12 like the fat referee trailing the play by 20 yards…

    Although, they might be able to mitigate Covid-19 problems, I’m not sure they can manage their air quality at this point.

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  2. Randy Adams

    Glad for the players and their fans that they are going to get to play; but starting when they are starting is “their bad”. Pushing the date back puts the other teams at a disadvantage. The only way they should be allowed to be considered is if the other conferences have to drop below 10 game seasons themselves – otherwise, they have noone to blame but themselves.


  3. Dawg in Austin

    I would imagine they had conversations with Hancock saying, “If we get 8 games in by the time you met, would we be included?” And Hancock of course said, “Why not?”

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  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    LOL. So many CFB media members crying so hard right now.

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  5. If they manage to get 8 games and a conf championship in, I’m good with them being included in the CFP. In this wonky season, that’s gonna be a reasonable body of work.

    The problem as you alluded to is there is no margin for error. The other leagues have some flexibility of games have to be postponed, the B1G won’t. If you start getting down to teams playing only 6 games or so, I don’t know exactly where the line is in my mind, but I’d be mad about a team that played 7 games total getting in over a team that played 10 or 11 games with one or two losses.

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  6. Godawg

    “…how soon does the Big Ten start lobbying the playoff folks to modify the 12/20 (the day after the B1G championship game) announcement of the CFP field?”

    My guess is immediately. Usually reserved for exclusive use for the gators but…#FTMF

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  7. Are all Big 10 teams playing? My understanding was there were a few schools (Maryland being one) that would not play regardless of this vote.


  8. Derek

    Theyd play nine but it would only hurt the strength of schedule.

    Ill be here all week!

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  9. Down Island Way

    Which also begs the question, will those who make out the big schedule provide an golden path to the cfp for….. saaayy tosu over lets say….meeeshigun

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  10. FlyingPeakDawg

    Herbstreit has already been handed his talking points for inclusion ( its for the children ).

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  11. gotthepicture

    I really hope this backfires on Ohio St and they get left out of the playoff.

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  12. Don in Mar-a-Lago

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  13. If Ohio state is undefeated they will get in. And I expect they will be

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  14. The Truth

    This year is an outlier (oh, God, please) so it seems 2/3 of a normal schedule — 8 games — should be enough to include a team in the playoff.

    However, a 10-1 UGA team and a 10-1 Bama team who had only lost to each other would have a better case for inclusion in the playoff than a 9-0 anOSU team.

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  15. 11>9 … therefore, a 9-2 SEC runner-up should get in before a 9-0 B1G champion purely based on strength of schedule.

    Of course, Mickey (and Herbie) will make sure anOSU gets in if they are undefeated.

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  16. kokainmothershed

    Maybe Big 10 shutting down was just a gambit to provide a certain QB with first hand viewing access of UGA’s stalwart D.

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  17. TripleB

    This could hurt SEC teams vying for playoff. The SEC path is now brutal for all SEC teams, especially with the fact that the championship game will feature two really good teams and they might each have a loss. I don’t trust the committee to adequately take this into account.

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  18. PTC DAWG

    Big 10 doesn’t care about Grandparents..

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  19. siskey

    Is Fields going to play? If he does the OSU will make the playoffs as they will likely be 7-1 at worst. Maybe, just maybe, we get to play them this year. I have nothing against Fields he did what was best for him and I wish him well but I’ve been a long time OSU hater way before Meyer and I would love for Georgia to get a crack at them in the playoff.


  20. The Decider

    They’re starting the season the same weekend as the SEC. Have their teams been practicing even though the season was “canceled”?


  21. PTC DAWG

    Watch for creative scheduling for OSU….

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    • Russ

      For sure. That damned virus means that aOSU won’t get to play Michigan. Or Pedd State. But thankfully they will preserve the Indiana and Rutgers historic rivalries.

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    • aucarson

      aOSU has the most political strength of any college team I’ve ever known in over 50 years. Notre Dame is a distant second.

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      • I have no idea as to why. It’s not like the state of Ohio is the straw that stirs the drink. They aren’t Notre Dame with its national (Catholic) following, Texas with its position in a big football state, or Southern Cal with its history and tradition.


        • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

          It’s because the vast majority of sports writers are from and went to school in the Midwest (and that includes the ones who graduated from Mizzou’s J-school) so they all have a reverence for all things tOSU because of all the conference titles and Rose Bowls they’ve won in their history.

          And since they are the ones writing the sports stories, CFB doesn’t exist without tOSU and the Big Ten.


    • Some cold football games up there in December.

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  22. Happy for Luke.

    Given how weak the lower half of the Big 12 looked last weekend Oklahoma might be a lock to get in. Add in Clemson and at least 1 SEC team (Go Dawgs!) and the margin for error in an abbreviated Big 10 schedule is razor-thin.


  23. stoopnagle

    Seriously, now the attention turns to the scheduling of the supposed 8 games and which 8 B1G teams end up on tOSU’s schedule. Will they go ACC and drop divisions or will it be the 6 divisional teams + a “balanced” schedule from the other side?


  24. Was just thinking I hope Nebraska plays Ohio state and wins. That would be one h*** of a glorious moment.


  25. dawgtired7

    I’m sure I’ve should have read it somewhere but what was the “new medical evidence” did they base their evaluation. Judging by the strict set of rules for governing the COV-ID numbers, they still think it’s a serious challenge. I’m guessing they couldn’t sit and watch the SEC, ACC & B12 make $$$ while they planned for the economic future?

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    • “I’m guessing they couldn’t sit and watch the SEC, ACC & B12 make $$$ while they planned for the economic future?”

      As the old saying goes, when they say it’s not about the money …


  26. godawgs1701

    Luke Ford was the first person I thought of and i’m thrilled for him.

    The rest of the holier-than-thou hypocrites in the conference can go get f’d as far as I’m concerned.