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In honor of the 40th anniversary of Georgia’s last national championship, they’re rolling out these:

Likee?  No likee?

I’m good with most everything, except for that cheesy spike collar on the black jerseys.


UPDATE:  Always be sellin’.


I surely do hope this doesn’t turn out to be nothing more than a cynical merchandising exercise.


UPDATE #2:  Okay, they’re actually gonna wear them.

Georgia football’s famous red pants are making a return in 2020. And if the Bulldogs can beat Arkansas, it will be a triumphant one.

Georgia will wear its rarely-used “red britches” in the Sept. 26 season opener against the Razorbacks in Fayetteville, Ark. The gesture is an homage to the 1980 Bulldogs, who wore them that entire season paired with white jerseys as their road uniform. This year is the 40th anniversary of that undefeated national championship season. A commemorative patch is prominently displayed on the chest.

“Yeah, we were given a heads-up on that,” said Frank Ros, linebacker and captain of the 1980 Georgia team. “It’s awfully nice of them to do that. Obviously, that was a special team and we’re honored they’re honoring us that way.”

… Also unveiled in that video were some new, specially-issued black jerseys that the Bulldogs are going to wear sometime this season. Exactly when remains undecided — or a secret. But Georgia will be back in black at least this season.

A nice tribute and a nice reward for the players who have put up with much to play this season.



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  1. godawgs1701

    These are so damn hot.

    Also, black jerseys in a release video… they’re real and they’re spectacular.


  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Love the throwbacks.

    Hate the Nikefication of the black jerseys, which were prefer mirror images of the red jerseys. Now they’ve added that ridiculous dog collar and NikeDawg to the sleeves.

    Nike gonna Nike.

    What they need to do is get rid of the bubble numbers on the regular red and white jerseys. That would make everyone happy.

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    • I actually love the spiked collar on the black jersey. It’s not blatant and in your face. It pays homage to the classic bulldog and even the savage pads. I have always hated the Nike bulldog.

      I LOVE THE BLOCK NUMBERS … it’s a classic look.

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  3. Red pants? That can actually happen? Been asking for only a few decades.

    And i guess actual silver pants is literally impossible. Cowboys only.

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    • Granthams Replacement

      Silver is possible but since Greg’s been castrated he won’t demand Nike do anything. He’s happy to take the money and bend over.

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    • theorginaldawgabides

      Here’s the difference. Nike has at least two types of pants to offer. The ones with the sheen are an older style. The Pro Combat pants are supposedly much lighter and stretchier, but Nike hasn’t been able to get the sheen in this material. Both Richt and Smart have both stated the players prefer the Pro Combat, so that’s what they use. We’ve gotten years of promises that Nike is working on the technology to get the sheen in the newer material. Most NFL teams decided to go with the Pro Combat pants when Nike became the league uniform provider. Exceptions included the Cowboys and the Raiders, who chose the old material to maintain their classic look.


  4. Sam Johnson

    Love the red pants and old school shoulder stripes on white jerseys. I never understood why we quit wearing red pants on the road. (Lindsay Scott kick return at LSU?)

    Black jerseys at home once a year sounds fine, but I’d hate to give up the red ones entirely.

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  5. Derek

    Not all of those old scenes were from 1980 btw.

    Jeff Pyburn?

    At Carolina?


  6. I love them. I wouldn’t be surprised for us to ask to wear the white with red pants throwback for the Tennessee game as the home team and the black jerseys for the Auburn game.

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  7. debbybalcer

    I like them both. And since we are away for Bama none of you have to worry about the black jersey jinx.


  8. Prefer silver britches. Love the black jerseys, but not the dog collar element.

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  9. Got Cowdog

    Love the black. Looks like the 2008 Sugar Bowl jerseys. Someone tweet this to Colt Brennan and see if he has a flashback…

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  10. Absolutely love the red pants!! Don’t hate the black jerseys either.

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  11. DawgFlan

    Zamir in that throw back white and red pants combo makes me feel things. LOVE everything that uniform.

    Don’t care for the collar spikes on the black jersey but it doesn’t bother me much and I don’t think they will be distracting on TV or from the stands.

    Maybe the players like it. The players should be able to wear pretty much whatever they want as a reward for playing this year. Except for the Power Ranger unis.

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  12. CB

    Agreed on all counts. Typically don’t like any deviation from silver britches but in this case I love the traditional throwback, and I also love the number font. Tbh I could take or leave the numbers we’ve been using for the last several years. Could definitely do without the spike collar, but it’s a subtle detail I can overlook especially if I’m getting the black jerseys that I am indignantly entitled to.

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  13. mddawg

    Well I’m definitely in the minority here as I actually like the dog collar element to the black jerseys, plus I’m just loving the return of the black jerseys period. I’m assuming we’re still going to see the red jerseys though. I’ve always said the black ones should be used for the last home rivalry game of the year, which should alternate between Ga Tech and Auburn if not for some stupid scheduling BS.

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  14. PTC DAWG

    I dig it, double dawg dig the white on red..

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  15. Dawg in Austin

    Love it all

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  16. 93dawg

    SOOOOO AWESOME!!!! (All of it!)


  17. siskey

    I love the red pants. Didn’t we wear them once when Donnan was the coach?


  18. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    take the spikes off black jersey collar and the new age uga
    but at the end of the day just score more points than the other team


  19. Remember the Quincy

    I would REALLY love it if the University would do anything other than remind everyone that it’s been 40 years since our last natty. Every other person in the world is going to laugh at that big “40” on our shoulders.

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  20. Salty Dawg

    I will co-sign on this. The red is outstanding!


  21. Russ

    Nah, the pants look too orange. I’m not a fan of red pants anyway. The dog collar and clip art bulldog look dumb. Get off my lawn, and turn down that infernal racket!

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  22. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Chip confirms we’re wearing the Herschel Runs Over Bates Throwbacks for the first game of the year vs. Arkansas.


  23. MGW

    Who approves this shit? Yeah it looks good… except for the collar. That’s like saying “she’s beautiful… except for the beard”

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  24. 123fakest

    These are awesome. Don’t mind the spikes on the black jersey either. You can’t see them on tv, so that detail is just for the kids.
    Always be cruitin!


  25. Granthams Replacement

    They didn’t wear red pants the entire year. Watch the “run Lindsey run” clip Chip.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Exactly. Also. we wore silver pants at Auburn in 1980.

      My memory is that we wore red pants at Kentucky in 1980 but I may be wrong.
      Assume we did wear red at Kentucky. We played only 5 games away from Athens. We wore red jerseys and silver pants at the Sugar Bowl, red pants at Tennessee and Kentucky and silver pants at Florida and Auburn. We didn’t wear red at away games all season. We at best wore ref pants half of the away games.


    • godawgs1701

      I thought the last time we wore them was in the opener against Tennessee, but I guess I’ve never seen video from the Kentucky game that year (I was about eight months old). Still, it’s nice that we can still rely on the good ol’ AJC to put the work in on research.


  26. I guess since Cochran’s now at Georgia, he can talk to the players about how they are wearing black for Vanderbilt’s funeral. 😉


  27. RangerRuss

    I’m not too concerned with the uniforms. But if they want a real tribute? Go out and beat the shit out of everyone on the schedule and win it all!

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  28. otto1980

    I am over the hype and debate of the black uniforms. Traditional power programs have a standard traditional look. If you want to be a traditional power, do what traditional power programs do.

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  29. hialtdawg

    I hope this was cleared with Mike Griffith

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  30. mg4life0331

    For the love of God dont wear black to Alabama.


  31. Ozam

    But do black jerseys matter?


  32. HirsuteDawg

    That white jersey is not old school at all – stripes on the arms look like the Gators or Auburn.


  33. Biggen

    I don’t like the black at all.

    I’m fine with the red pants but I don’t think we ever really need to change from our silver britches and white/red jerseys.


  34. LOVE the away throw backs with the red pants. I like the original black jerseys, but these are terrible. The Nike bulldog is a bad look and the spikes on the collar looks cartoonish. I wish they would just wear the original black jersey once a year at the last home game. I don’t believe in the jinx from the Bama game, but if people are worried about “fake juice” for a big game then, simply state we wear them in honor of the seniors at the last home game each season.


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

      I’ve been saying this for years, begging everyone involved with Georgia online for this.

      It’s not going to happen. Kirby doesn’t like them. And while that would normally make me happy, instead we’re now getting this stupid ass black jerseys, but only for this season and one game. So dumb.

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  35. SlobberKnocker

    At the end of the day, this is really about recruiting. Y’all have seen enough of Kirby to know that.


  36. Illini84

    The NCAA has granted Tennessee offensive lineman Cade Mays a transfer waiver after initially denying his request, Volunteers coach Jeremy Pruitt told reporters after Thursday’s practice.


  37. stoopnagle

    I love the road look, but making a big deal out of the 40th anniversary of the (last) national title is just lobbing softballs for rivals who like to point it out. Boy, I can’t imagine anyone in particular using that one on the recruiting trail at all. Kind of shocked Kirby went along with it, honestly.

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  38. I kinda hate that their planning on only wearing the white over red the one time this season.