I saw this question in Seth Emerson’s Mailbag today ($$) and thought I’d import it here to get y’all’s reaction.

One of your colleagues at The Athletic recently wrote an article about how wide open bowl season could be this season. If UGA doesn’t make the playoff, and Georgia Tech wins at least half their games, could you see the Peach Bowl try to swing a continuation of the rivalry?

As Seth notes, it would take a little jiggering on the Peach Bowl’s part, since it’s a New Year’s Six game, but, if it came to it, would I rather see the Dawgs play Tech than some other ACC or Big 12 mediocrity?  Really, that’s not much of a question.  Of course I would.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I mean, would it be worth it just to kick their ass into next season and shut their stupid bug mouths?


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  2. Got Cowdog

    I’m ok with it. If tech wins 5 games, they’ll be salty enough to have a win over UGA penciled in. Of course getting the yellow smears out the turf after the game could be problematic….

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  3. Russ

    I’m always up for a good Tech beatdown.

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  4. Godawg

    Anytime you get an opportunity to put a beat down on NATS, take it.

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  5. CB

    Agreed. Always good to beat the nerds. Other wise they’ll be chirping in perpetuity that UGA was afraid to play them in 2020.

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  6. godawgs1701

    Are there going to be bowls? Other than the playoff games, it seems really stupid to have a bowl game this year.


  7. Godawg

    I wonder if social distancing guidelines will have any effect on the average attendance a BDS? You’d almost think they’ve been social distancing for years. 🙂

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    No way GT agrees to that…


  9. mddawg

    I’ll repeat what I said in another thread: I hope they win the ACC so we can crush them in a playoff game.

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  10. Muttley

    Forget it- the Peach Bowl is committed to this never happening, and have said so publicly- in 2006, when on paper, a rematch of a great game was indicated. Instead they matched probably the best team in the ACC (VT/ACC#2?)) with SEC#5 or so- Georgia- and the Chan gang was shifted elsewhere.
    It’s about hotel money, etc. Of course, if there’s ever a year when that might not apply, it’s 2020. I’d really love to see it. Of course I’d rather see us playing in the CFP.

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  11. Wolfman

    Imagine the amount of talking they’ll be doing if they actually get to a winning record? Of course I’d love to see them try to back it up.

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  12. MGW

    100%. And let’s force A&M and Texas to choose between forfeiting bowl money and practices, and playing each other in the Cotton.

    Let’s make the most of this oddball football season.

    Do the same to as many other dead rivalries as we can.

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  13. kingcmo2000

    My brother went to Tech and one of my favorite weekends of the year is the ‘Hate bowl’ we enjoy after each Thanksgiving. I had this same thought a week or two ago, if UGA and Tech are bowl eligible, I really hope some people pull the strings to make this happen.


  14. I know they’re improved, but I still think they’re a 3-4 win team this year. (And I think FSU is a 2-3 win team). I’m curious how they’ll look against UCF. I’ll just be really surprised if they are bowl eligible at the end of the year, but I may change that opinion if they handle UCF.

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  15. Muttley

    My biggest disappointment of the 2019 regular season wasn’t SC, but the deceptively close margin of 52-7. Their TD was a fluke we handed them and we missed some opportunities. I was looking forward to putting a shock-and-awe number on them this year.

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    • californiadawg

      Ha me too now that I think about it. I’m bummed we won’t be able to get revenge this year based on our performance in the first half alone. Remember how off Fromm was the first few drives? [insert Coley rant]

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  16. ZeroPOINTzero

    Not sure we want to mess with Tech in the 404. They’re on a serious win streak right now and they own the ATL. 😉

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  17. FlyingPeakDawg

    Peach Bowl?! FIRE KIRBY!!1!1!11!

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  18. Matt Brooks

    I assume that we’ll play the nyerds in Athens next year, correct? There’s no way Big Ears is THAT spineless to waive a home game on account of the present circumstances.


    • Seeing as it was the SEC that cancelled the game, I would assume your assumption is wrong.


      • 79dawg

        “What does the contract say?” would be my typical response, but one wonders if we even, in fact, have a written agreement with them… Regardless, I would expect we will play them at Historic Mark Richt Field next year, and I don’t think it has much to do with how “strong” or “weak” our AD is (or is perceived to be).


    • Texas Dawg

      Does it really matter whether we play them in Athens or Atlanta? It’s still a UGA home game (only with a little less revenue at Mark Richt Field).

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  19. I don’t want to play the nerds this year because that would mean we aren’t in the CFP. If that ends up being the case, I just don’t see one of the NY6 games (even the Peach) wanting to take them over another school that may actually bring a set of eyes to the TV set or butts in the seats.

    Plus, doesn’t the ACC send a team that’s not in the CFP to the Orange Bowl? Maybe that ends up being North Carolina but is much more likely this year to be Notre Dame. and North Carolina then ends up slotting to be available as an at-large NY6.


  20. All bowl games should be opened up.

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  21. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Just set up a game at piedmont park after we win the sec and the natty

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