Updated defensive depth chart

Honestly, there’s been so little change to Jake Rowe’s projection of the defensive depth chart, it’s almost not worth posting anything about it.  Not that such news should come as much of a surprise to us; it’s a deep, experienced bunch.

At this point, it appears that only one true freshman, Jalen Carter, is a legit candidate to crack the defensive two-deep.  (Rowe lists Kimber as the backup behind Stokes at left cornerback, but I would think some combination of Campbell, Daniel and Stevenson would play before the true freshman does.)

What do y’all see?



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9 responses to “Updated defensive depth chart

  1. Granthams Replacement

    Only concern is safety depth. Might not be a concern depending on how much cross training the DBs have done.

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  2. Derek

    The only position that concerns me in the no. 1 defense is strong safety.

    Gotten used to JR locking that down. CKS’ scheme puts a lot on those safeties so Cine better be ready.

    Not a lot of depth at ILB or either safety spot.

    If we can stay injury/covid free we should rise or fall on qb/wr/ol play.


  3. Anon

    Rat poison concerns me. But maybe experienced players consume less of it?

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    • dawgtired7

      That and the level of depth…the second, third or fourth on the chart may be immune to the chatter or far enough down they don’t feel it applies to them. They stay hungry.


  4. dawgtired7

    Man, that depth and talent at the LB spots should be illegal. I blush when I read over the names.
    The fact that the freshmen can’t crack the depth is a testament to the level of recruiting that has taken place the last four years.


  5. Kirby’s cup runneth over when it comes to defensive talent at all levels.

    On the Munson side, we can’t lose Jordan Davis. Space-eating, athletic nose tackles don’t grow on trees.


  6. ugafidelis

    An embarrassment of riches


  7. Greg

    Hoping Davis stays healthy, he is the key for the defense’s success. Without him, we are a different team.


  8. DL is a mild concern now, and larger concern in the next years.