Do the math

Applying that percentage to this season’s 70 scheduled SEC games gets you almost to 14 postponements (or worse).

Let’s hope the bye weeks cover that.


UPDATE:  Holy shit.

They scheduled that game a week ago because Baylor’s first opponent couldn’t play.


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12 responses to “Do the math

  1. practicaldawg

    Can’t wait to see how division tie breakers work when each team played a different number of games


    • 79dawg

      I would imagine its the way they’ve always been settled – if the teams have the same number of wins and there is no head-to-head, the “champ” is the one with the higher winning percentage. I would imagine that rule is still “in the book” from when ties were in play: a 4-1-1 team has a higher winning percentage than a 4-2-0 team. I don’t have the time to look it up, but I imagine it happened back in “ye olden days” when there were only 6 league games.


  2. reipar1

    I actually find this news encouraging as i thought the numbers would be much much higher


  3. KingMackeral

    At this point, any games I get to watch (and enjoy my bourbon all day watching) them is purely a pleasant bonus for me.

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  4. waterloodawg

    A couple of thoughts.

    As the players get Covid, won’t there eventually be fewer of them left to catch it that haven’t had it yet? (assuming some immunity develops as with other viruses.)
    It’s Georgia Southern. I doubt they are setting the standard for social isolation.


    • waterloodawg

      And now I see it was FAU that had to cancel.


    • The Truth

      While people appear to be past the “you can never get it again” stage of learning about COVID, current research hasn’t identified anyone who was reinfected in less than about 90 days. So, getting it now might be good news for later.


  5. 69Dawg

    This is where the SEC screwed up. They should have started the season last week and allowed for another open week. As it stands now more than one postponement involving the same team and the whole season is screwed.

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  6. Anon

    6, 8, 9,10 games. Not matter to me. Play em all until we can’t play no more


    • Down Island Way

      What are the odds FU has 1 maybe 2 losses prior to the WLOCP and they decide to send UGA the covid cancellation notice….#FTMF


  7. Hunkering Hank

    Don’t you remember the concept of the “throw away” season from a few years ago? Well, this is actually it.

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  8. Isn’t it likely that the bigger programs will have a bit more control over their players? I could see that percentage dipping down as the SEC gets rolling.