Fortune favors the anal.

Forget about spring practice and returning quarterbacks for a sec.  You know who really has the advantage this season?

The teams that adapt best will thrive, Smart said.

“I think I’m very comfortable with the fact that it’s not going to go perfect as planned,” Smart said. “Who can handle those adjustments? Whose team cannot get lost in worrying and concerning themselves with things they can’t control and really worrying about things they can.”

The control freaks.  The ones who have had their armies of analysts game out every COVID scenario and prepared accordingly.

It ain’t a coincidence that the best ones have roster depth on hand, either.


UPDATE:  Along those lines, check out the SEC’s COVID guidelines to play.


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21 responses to “Fortune favors the anal.

  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    And who thinks it’s gonna be the guys without a keen eye for detail, such as Coach Wristbands, who have the most difficult time this year?

    There’s still time to bet the under on Floriduh’s wins this season. It’s sitting there, so invitingly. There’s no way they win more the 7 games this season. None.

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  2. Illini84

    Fewer not less, geeze.

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  3. Greg

    Fewer =‘s not as many.

    Less =‘s a smaller amount, not as much.


  4. Harold Miller

    Fewer for a number. 3 fewer players that normal. Less is measured. We have less time to do this.

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  5. DawgFlan

    Guys, I logged on for the favoring anal jokes, not a grammar lesson.

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  6. FlyingPeakDawg

    Really thought this was going to another UT beer chug story but there seems to be less interest in it than the few times it’s happened.


  7. I’m sure Dopey/Sideshow/Portal Master Dan MuLLLet was totally involved in all of the planning from the boat on Oconee or from the tee at the Creek Club.

    I have a distinct feeling that this Georgia team has a large chip on its shoulder as many national talking heads point to the Handbags as the East representative in Atlanta.

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  8. Can we wait until halftime to decide if we’ve really got fewer than 53 scholarship players available?


  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    What coach isn’t a control freak?