On the hush hush

Georgia’s Open Records law was made for just this moment.

Seven Georgia football players tested positive for COVID-19 in medical screenings prior to voluntary workouts on June 8.

The University of Georgia provided the information Friday to the Athens Banner-Herald under an open records request. It is the first time the school has released any testing numbers for its athletes.

The seven positive tests came out of 100 given to Georgia athletes as of June 9 when the open records request was made. The football team was the only program that had returned to campus at that time.

So, if Georgia has to postpone a game this season, we should be able to find out the details in 2021.

And, yes, that’s pretty silly.



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10 responses to “On the hush hush

  1. Biggen

    Kirby ain’t postponing any games…



    Cases for the win…


  3. mg4life0331

    If UGA postpones a game and someone doesn’t know why, well here’s your sign.


  4. gurkhadawg

    The bad news is that since it’s been 90 days, those 7 players are at risk of contracting the disease again. Come on Kirby, you are the master of roster management. Get on the mutha.


  5. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    In general, I agree that it shouldn’t take that long to get a response to an open records filing. If it had to do with actual government, I would be up in arms, and willing to take action. If we knew in July – or even June- that we had 7 positive tests, what could we have done about it?
    Covid may beat us if it isn’t managed, but the people that can best manage it are Courson and his medical staff, and secondarily, Kirby.


  6. Russ

    Well, I was hoping Mullet Man would lose but Tulsa made sure to give it away.


  7. UCF seems to have a very vocal presence at the Joke today.


  8. The tone at StinkTalk is a whole lot different this morning after Fech was slapped back to reality by UCF yesterday. They’re blaming the refs and 6 turnovers like those alone get you beat by 4 TDs.

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