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Your skepticism is understandable, grasshopper.

There are two ways to take this quote from John FitzPatrick.

On the difference in being a tight end in Coach Monken’s system versus prior offensive coordinators…
“I don’t want to compare Coach Monken, Coach [James] Coley’s and Coach [Jim] Chaney’s, but Coach Monken, along with the other two previous [Offensive Coordinator]’s, it’s just competitive. I am excited to play for him. He is a great OC, and it’s going to be a fun year with him.”

One is the young man does not wish to speak ill of the dead.

The other is he doesn’t think Monken’s gonna use the tight ends in the passing game, either.  We’re soon to find out which meaning applies.



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BREAKING: the GPOOE™ is a homer.

You heard it here first, folks.


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“Good catch, George.”

If Stokes can’t stop that, the list of opposing corners who can is pretty damned short.


UPDATE:  Full clip here.


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This stuff never gets old.

It really doesn’t.


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