“Good catch, George.”

If Stokes can’t stop that, the list of opposing corners who can is pretty damned short.


UPDATE:  Full clip here.


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14 responses to ““Good catch, George.”

  1. Salty Dawg

    Some alone time is needed. Be right back!


  2. Best on best. That was good to see. Stokes couldn’t do anything about that.


  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Yeah, I’d like to see Elam try to stop that.

    God, we are going to fucking DESTROY Floriduh this year. It won’t be close.


  4. gastr1

    Great video!


  5. didntgotheredawg

    It looks like they’re working hard, competing, and having a lot of fun. Good to see. If Kirby allows this type of access, I’m sure he has an ulterior motive. Always Be ‘Cruiting

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  6. RangerRuss

    That was like a glass of cool water on a hot, dusty summer afternoon. Needed to see SOMETHING positive. Stokes will be better from going against Pickens.

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  7. CB

    I hope Dwan was throwing those TD’s. Not sure that was clear from the video. Looks like he was throwing those picks at the end.


  8. akascuba

    Love the way Kirby is coaching these guys. Easy to see why he relates to the kids so well.


  9. What is your interpretation of Monken’s comments to Mathis?
    “It’s on them… If we keep telling guys what to do, we have no chance.”


  10. ugafidelis

    Stokes was pissed!