“Now, it’s like I got to play pretty good defense and I got to score a lot of points.”

Seth Emerson ($$):

… Smart turned to that man he briefly worked with 15 years before: Monken. As Smart enters his own fifth season as Georgia head coach, it’s the most important of decisions.

Smart’s specialty, even after that one year as an offensive coach, has been on defense, and defense has not been the problem at Georgia — top 5 in the SEC in defense each of his four years, second in the entire nation last year — nor are there any signs it ever will be.

If that holds, Smart’s legacy at Georgia, which seems set to be defined by whether he wins that elusive national championship, is going to be determined by the other side of the ball.

I’m old enough to remember a time when a Georgia head coach’s legacy could only be secured by hiring a good defensive coordinator.  Goff, Donnan and Richt all proved that.  (Hell, you could argue Dooley did, too.)  Now, the conventional wisdom has been turned on its head.  Sure, some of that is due to Smart’s background and defensive coaching prowess.  But the game has changed.  Kirby Smart seems to know that.  Is Monken the guy who secures the legacy for Smart Emerson refers to?


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7 responses to ““Now, it’s like I got to play pretty good defense and I got to score a lot of points.”

  1. I don’t think Kirby is allergic to offense. 2017 and 2018 scored hella points. 2019, for a myriad of reasons, was a disaster.


    • Down Island Way

      According to the media initiative, coaches have to be “defined” by something,,,whether Kirby was the excellent “OC” and Smart was the ahead of the times “DC”, CKS would be defined by the special teams coach…which UGA is gonna need to be better than average this 2020 season (?)…


  2. GruvenDawg

    I am really excited for this year, however I have tempered my expectations for the offense. 2020 has been crazy from a preparation standpoint, no spring ball, QB with most of the reps walks, probably starting a QB with no game reps, etc. As much as I want this offense to look different this year I am not sure we are going to see a big change the first few weeks.

    My assumption is we won’t really look that different until after the bye week. I really hope Kirby doesn’t take his foot off the gas the second half of the season. Including running the clock out with the second team offense. This team is going to need live reps executing the new offense. I still think we make it to Atlanta if we can stay healthy. We will definitely need crisp offensive execution in that game. As stated by the man himself “You got to score a lot of points”.


    • gotthepicture

      I was listening to Josh Pate’s recent broadcast and he was talking about Miami’s good start despite starting a new QB, with a new OC and offensive system without spring practice.
      Now King had starting experience before transferring to Miami, so that is a bit different, but essentially the red flags are the same. You could say UGA is replacing a lot of talent on the OL, but it’s likely that UGA’s talent is quite a bit better overall.
      I’m not saying we’re gonna light it up, but saying it’s impossible for Georgia to be good because of those issues (like some are saying), isn’t seeing the whole picture either.


  3. Randy Adams

    Before the SEC Championship game against Bama in 2018, when Saban was talking to the media, it was as if he was trying to tell his old DC just that. But it took 2019 to completely get through. The real question is Kirby willing to turn his OC lose. Stay out of it and let him do what he needs to do to get this offense rolling. We will begin to find out starting Saturday.


  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    He better be. We’ve had to watch Auburn win a National Title in the last 20 years. AUBURN.

    LSU has won THREE.

    That we have won a single one is insane.