There will be football.

Fingers crossed, but in case you had lost track…

You may commence praying to the football gods that both teams enjoy a COVID-free week.


UPDATE:  Vegas thinks this SEC season may not be quite the meat grinder the conference would prefer you think it is.


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18 responses to “There will be football.

  1. Biggen

    It’s gonna be ugly for the Hogs. I can’t see how they score at all unless we give them pick sixes or in garbage time late in the game.

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  2. Russ

    Spread seems about right to me. 31-7 Dawgs means the Hogs barely cover. New offense and QB will have some bugs to work out, plus we don’t want to show all the cards too early. Need to save some for the Gus Bus next week.

    I don’t think Kirby wants to show up Pittman.

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    • Although I used to argue it, or bring it up, I am not as big on the “save it for later” mantra now. Clemson sure didnt save it for later against the cadets. I lean towards “lubricate all gears early” now.


  3. Bulldawg Bill

    Bluto, you bettin’ the farm on that?


  4. I feel that is an accurate spread, but I think we only cover if we get a defensive score or two. I would not be the least bit surprised if the offense looks UGLY this game. New scheme/concepts + downgraded OL + either a RS freshman or frosh QB just seems like it’s going to be rocky, even against Arky. Thank god we have the defense on our side.


  5. otto1980

    Always awesome seeing the Vols on that list.

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  6. Derek

    If we hit the number in this game it will be defense and special teams driven.

    Either a shut out or 2 non-offensive tds.

    We ain’t showing auburn anything.

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  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    All of you saying we don’t show Auburn anything are mistaken in my opinion. We would be crazy to show Auburn everything, of course, but we need to test out some new stuff and see how it works, and where we might want to make adjustments. This is basically a scrimmage that counts, and we need crawl a little first so that we can walk and run in the next few weeks.

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