Today, in honesty in punditry

Most of the SDS staff picks Florida to win the East, which, in and of itself, is nothing special, but I have to take note of two takes.

First, their Florida guy goes with Georgia to win the Cocktail Party, because “… I won’t pick Kirby Smart to lose that game until it happens, and the road to Atlanta in the East goes through Jacksonville.”

Second, check out this guy’s “here we are now, entertain us” rationale for picking Florida:

I sound like a broken record, but I always root for the best story. In the East, that means Florida finally beating Georgia and returning to Atlanta.

It’s honest, like I said, but I do not think best story means what he thinks it means.


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  1. Biggen

    Its gonna be enjoyable when we beat these guys again and all these folks eat crow. Ah, hell. Who am I kidding. UF pundits will blame it on the Corona bullshit…

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  2. gotthepicture

    Surprised the Florida guy went with us, but I stopped reading that site because it’s just too much clickbait without substance and most of the writers come off as biased against Georgia.

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  3. “….I do not think best story means what he thinks it means.”

    Yeah, how would the less talented team and less talented coach, and program with a Top 5 Most Annoying Fan Base (along with Yankees, Cowboys, Steelers, and Buckeyes) winning over UGA — one of the classiest and beloved programs in the history of US sports — be a “best story”?


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Remove Steelers and add utk, and I agree.


      • Yeah, the Steelers don’t fit there, in my opinion (unless you’re a Philly fan, I guess). I will forever love the Steelers for how they embraced Hines Ward. I was actually in Pittsburgh during the height of his powers, and his jerseys were everywhere.

        And this is outside the scope of sports, but I’ll add that I was surprised to see that Pittsburgh is a beautiful city, surrounded by mountains and the three rivers.


    • Got Cowdog

      Aw, man! I was a huge Steeler fan back in the 70’s. Those dudes were bad ass football players. I remember watching them on TV, I was 8 years old maybe? Playing Pop Warner Football just knowing I was gonna be a pro someday. Jack Lambert, Bradshaw, Lynn Swann, Franco, Mean Joe, how could you not be a fan?


  4. dawgtired7

    If there is a team, better deserving of a “best story” title than Georgia, I don’t know it. But I don’t expect to win because we are a better story, but because we have the better talent.

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  5. Wolfman

    The “best story” is picking a team assumed to be no worse than 2nd in the division? That’s the “best story” you could come up with? How lame. Give me something like “Kentucky rolls undefeated into Atlanta and blasts Alabama” if you’re looking for a story of some sort. But I guess SDS has turned mostly to stories, and after reading that article, seems they specialize mostly in fiction.

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  6. KornDawg

    No good story ever ends with Florida winning any game, especially not the WLOCP.

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  7. godawgs1701

    I have yet to see anyone picking Florida address the talent disparity and the fact that they’re going to have to figure out a way to score on Georgia’s defense. They just say, “well, I know who Florida’s quarterback is and I don’t know who Georgia’s is, which must mean he sucks.”

    OK, cool. I’m certainly not going to spoil the surprise.

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  8. I didn’t think it was possible to come up with a lazier or more facile rationale than Kirk Herbstreit’s tried-and-true reliance on which team “wants it more,” but which outcome makes for “the best story” takes the cake. Someone forgot to tell this guy he’s picking football games and not the Best Original Screenplay category at the Oscars.

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  9. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    Chris Wright is one of the hackiest hacks who ever hacked.

    This is known.

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I also provided a 5-point takedown of the media’s narrative about Floriduh in 2020, but my favorite point is something NO ONE ever talks about:

    If Sideshow Dan the Clown is an “offensive genius” as so many in the media keep telling us, THEN WHAT DOES THAT MAKE KIRBY???

    They never have an answer for that. Ever. So dumb. So, so, so dumb.

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  11. TripleB

    I don’t understand why so many are on Florida to win. I hope I’m not just being a fan, but I think we’re better. I heard someone on SEC Network say that Trask was going to have a fifteen year NFL career. I admittedly hate Florida, but I wasn’t so impressed. Are we overlooking something?


  12. Where, other than here, can you hear solid sports-media criticism woven together seamlessly with Nirvana lyrics?