Baylor’s AD is offended because Houston coach Dana Holgorsen expressed frustration that Baylor sat on its COVID situation (plus one of its players being suspended) until the day before the game, when it announced it wouldn’t play.

“I don’t know how it gets to 22 hours before the game,” Holgorsen said Monday of the postponement. “There’s a reason why our conference and the Big 12 tests three times a week. So, I would think that our opponent kinda knows where they’re at just like we kinda knew where we were at. … We had five buses out there, hotels lined up, we’ve got our equipment truck parked [at McLane Stadium].”

That’s construed as “chirping”, whatever that means.  Evidently chirping is a big deal.

“Yeah, you know, I’ll be candid: I’m disappointed in their head coach and the chirping,” Rhoades said. “And I let the [Houston athletic director] know it. And, you know, in my opinion, [it’s] not professional, but we’ll move on and we’ll move forward.”

Somehow complaining about a program’s unprofessional approach is unprofessional.  Welcome to 2020.


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4 responses to ““Chirping”

  1. Anon

    UH always been treated as lil brother from Big12 schools. Not surprised Baylor did this. I live here and see it happen in other areas. UH is urban campus with limited funds. So it is pretty shitty


  2. Seems to be a recurring theme in this country that complaining about problems is deemed more destructive and inflammatory than the problems themselves.

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  3. Holgo is a knob, but he’s right on this one.

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  4. Russ

    It’s the 4th game in a row cancelled on/by Houston. That’s crazy.