Less risk, more reward

I posted this yesterday:

As for keeping bowl season safe for the Mississippi schools, I think it’s time to start lobbying the NCAA to drop the six-win requirement. The lower bowls are nothing but broadcast fodder for ESPN anyway, so why not just look for entertainment wherever you can find it? Personally, I would love to see how upper-tier mid-majors do against lower tier ACC schools. Even better, give me an Arkansas-Vandy bowl game so we can see which team is the conference’s worst. I’d sure watch.

Somebody’s listening, I guess.

One thing I hope to come from this otherwise shitty year is the permanent adoption of a few sensible moves made in the wake of stitching together a worthwhile season in the midst of a pandemic.  In this specific instance, dropping the bowl eligibility requirement would do more to allow schools and conferences to strengthen regular season scheduling than anything I can think of, including playoff expansion.

Would you rather see a six-loss school play a cupcake game during the regular season or during the postseason, most of which is little more than glorified exhibition games?  I know what I’d choose.


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5 responses to “Less risk, more reward

  1. ASEF

    It would definitely scramble the money equation. I’m not entirely sure how the numbers end up comparing, but we’ve basically got mid-tier P5 programs buying bowl eligibility via rent-a-wins. The bowl money somewhat offsets the costs of win rentals, and you get a month of extra practice plus bowl exposure. ADs at places like Texas Tech and Miss St bank on that formula.

    If you scrubbed the cost of win rental while keeping bowl eligibility on the table, that would be interesting. But then you’ve still got the losing seasons/buy out issues that come with a string of 5-7 and 4-8 seasons. We see how that carousel goes with CBB. Mid-tier P5s churn coaches like NFL teams, hoping to win a coaching lottery. That gets expensive in a hurry.


  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    If 5 – 7 Ole Miss vs. 5 – 7 Georgia Tech get a bowl matchup over 10 – 2 Hawaii or 9 – 3 Air Force, there’s gonna be some howling. And that will probably lead to some Congressional action to force a 64 team playoff. It’s always about the money, not fan experience.


  3. DC Weez

    If UGA doesn’t make the playoffs, I’m in favor of playing a 4-7 Tech team in whatever bowl wants the matchup. It would be much more interesting to play Tech than say a 7-3 Baylor.


  4. ugafidelis

    Emmert reads your blog. Who’da thunk it?



    I would like to see a fan “vote in” match up game