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Georgia’s season: two predictions

The first, from an Arkansas sports writer:

Arkansas 31, Georgia 28 Yes, the ultimate upset is the guess here, with heavy emphasis on guess. The thinking is the Bulldogs return very few offensive starters, and the quarterback situation seems fluid with a potential game-day decision on the starter. Also, University of Arkansas Coach Sam Pittman knows a lot more about Georgia than the Bulldogs do about Arkansas. It also might be hard for the Bulldogs to take a team seriously that last won a conference game 1,065 days before its game with the Bulldogs. Rakeem Boyd rushes for 143 yards and four touchdowns.

That constitutes little more than wishful thinking, especially as he goes on to predict a 3-7 season for the Hogs.  I get it.

The second is a little weirder.  Kipp Adams has the Dawgs going 9-1, but you’ll never guess where the loss comes in.

Oct. 24

Kroger Field (Lexington, Ky.)

Series History: Georgia leads 59-12-2, having reeled off 10 straight wins over Kentucky.

After back-to-back-to-back physical battles, Georgia’s defensive front seven hits a buzzsaw in what could be the most underrated offensive line in the country. The Wildcats get to the second level more than anyone could have predicted and the Dawgs’ wideouts suffer several drops, including one that goes into a Kentucky defensive backs hands for a pick-six. This game could easily slip away from Georgia as the Wildcats showcase arguably the most efficient offensive backfield in the conference in Terry Wilson, Asim Rose, Kavosiey Smoke, and Christopher Rodriguez Jr.

Score: Kentucky 30, Georgia 28

That supposedly comes after a 21-20 win at Alabama.  The Dawgs give up 30 points to UK and hold their other nine conference opponents to about 11 points per game.  Sure, it’s 2020, but even so, that seems like a stretch.

Go ahead and make your predictions for the season in the comments.


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Baylor’s AD is offended because Houston coach Dana Holgorsen expressed frustration that Baylor sat on its COVID situation (plus one of its players being suspended) until the day before the game, when it announced it wouldn’t play.

“I don’t know how it gets to 22 hours before the game,” Holgorsen said Monday of the postponement. “There’s a reason why our conference and the Big 12 tests three times a week. So, I would think that our opponent kinda knows where they’re at just like we kinda knew where we were at. … We had five buses out there, hotels lined up, we’ve got our equipment truck parked [at McLane Stadium].”

That’s construed as “chirping”, whatever that means.  Evidently chirping is a big deal.

“Yeah, you know, I’ll be candid: I’m disappointed in their head coach and the chirping,” Rhoades said. “And I let the [Houston athletic director] know it. And, you know, in my opinion, [it’s] not professional, but we’ll move on and we’ll move forward.”

Somehow complaining about a program’s unprofessional approach is unprofessional.  Welcome to 2020.


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“I mean, I’m going to always say push off.”

Eric Stokes says what we all know:  “But you already know in the SEC they don’t call offensive pass interference, so we just have to play it.”

He was kidding, not kidding.


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Burning down the house

Justin Fields:  Yes, I used a drunk fool who made racist comments as a means of getting a waiver to transfer to another school to play immediately, but I left the program on good terms and didn’t attempt to embarrass Georgia publicly.

Otis Reese:  Hold my friggin’ beer, will ‘ya?

I get his frustration.  I even sympathize with it, to an extent.  Athens cops being major assholes isn’t exactly a recent development, nor one unique to Reese.  It’s when he asserts that there’s no one in the program to speak to about racism “without losing your position on the team” that he starts to lose me.  Offering Mississippi — Mississippi! — as a refuge from racists is just the icing on that particular cake.

Is UGA objecting to his waiver?  I have no reason to question his assertion, but given that it appears Cade Mays (Smart“Unfortunately, I’m not able to respond to that. In due time, it’ll play itself out, but it’s not something I’m allowed to comment on.”) received similar treatment, it’s hard to chalk Reese’s situation up to racist motives.  So I assume there’s something more going on.  In any event, I’m not sure how Reese’s tweet is going to make the school more cooperative.

Besides, according to Tom Mars, it’s really our fault.

Yes, if there’s one thing that’s marked Kirby Smart’s time in Athens, it’s his constant, craven attempt to placate the fan base.  Lawya, please.


UPDATE:  Just sayin’.


UPDATE #2:  Well, now.



But I bet he’d like to.


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