SEC media preseason prediction

Wow, they actually went there.

I honestly didn’t think they would.  (But check out the votes to win the conference.)

Kirbs has to be grateful for the bulletin board material.  He’s gonna wear that disrespect thing out.




UPDATE #2:  The preseason All-SEC teams are listed here.  Interestingly, Georgia has nine players on the three teams and Florida has six.  Damn, that Mullen guy must be really good.


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24 responses to “SEC media preseason prediction

  1. mp

    Newman opting out gave them the chance to indulge their desire for storylines

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    The media is all about the narrative, which they themselves create. Truth, facts, reason, rationale, logic… nothing else matters. Once the media has decided what the narrative will be, in this case, “This is MuLLLen’s year!” then that is what they’re gonna roll with until the end.

    They’ve convinced themselves that not only is Cousin Eddie an offensive genius, he’s a better coach even though Kirby’s owned him in 10-straight losses. This is because another of the media’s narratives: offense > defense, even when the defensive coach keeps owning the offensive coach.

    They’ve convinced themselves that Kyle Trask, Mr. Dink and Dunk, who completely relied on his top WRs and RB (who are gone) from last year for his entire production and who was PFF’s 78th ranked QB in 2019 and 2020’s 48th best returning QB, is suddenly going to be something he’s not: A difference maker.

    They’ve convinced themselves Floriduh’s talent and depth deficit compared to Georgia doesn’t matter.

    They’ve convinced themselves a coach in Sideshow Dan the Clown, who is not a “pay attention to every detail” coach, is going to beat a practically OCD coach like Kirby in a year where paying attention to every detail will never be more important.

    Narrative over truth.

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    • biggusrickus

      They also lost a fair amount of defensive production. I think they’ll be pretty good, but the hype surrounding them is nuts. They could lose five games if things broke wrong. I think they’ll lose three if things go more or less according to plan. Anything over 7-3 would be another year of overachievement.

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      • Biggen

        They have major problems on the interior of the D line. Two veterans are out. Not even on the depth chart any more.


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

        So I had them as a for sure 7-3 with a maybe 6-4, with for sure losing to us, LSU, and TAMU, and then a 50-50 tossup with UK. The Senator let me know about TAMU’s top-2 WRs opting out, and remembering how much that screws with an offense, I’m moving TAMU to 50-50 as well.

        So I’m of the mind that Floriduh’s ceiling is 8-2 and no more than that. That would be an amazing year where everything broke right. You know, just like 2019.

        So I would say it’s still more likely they go 7-3, with two for sure losses to Georgia and LSU, and then loses one game between UK or TAMU.

        If their luck from last year runs out, 6-4 is not out of the question.

        I don’t see Trask finishing the year as their starter. He’s a dink and dunker and their offense won’t look as good this year with him after losing Perrine and Jefferson and some other guys. Emory Jones will replace him either before the Georgia game or immediately after.


        • siskey

          This has the equivalent to be for Mullen what 2013/2014 were for Richt. Richt is a much better coach but the “narrative” catches up to SEC football coaches.

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  3. MGW

    I get it. Florida’s now a developmental program, but they’re at a peak. We have no QB until proven otherwise. Writers love a trendy pick, and readers love a good Cinderella.

    We’ll still stomp their asses unless we go in there not taking them seriously. All these UF picks help hedge against that.

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  4. I love everything about this. Now let’s go play some footbaw.

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  5. Sam Johnson

    For Florida to win the East, either they beat UGA or UGA loses one more game. Sure, either is possible, and it may happen, but is it likely?

    I’ve read several pundits saying Fla loses in Jax, but UGA has tougher schedule which I take to mean a loss at Alabama. We still have to lose one more game, while they lose none. They play LSU, A&M, and Miss, while we play AU and Missy St., the schedules are otherwise the same. How is it likely that we lose and they don’t? No oddsmaker would take that bet. You really have to wonder if most of these folks are just stupid.

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  6. Some comments:

    1) Nick is clearly going to be dealing with rat poison this season.
    2) 7 of the 8 people picking LSU to win the west must be from Louisiana because they also pick them to win the conference. Coach Oeaux must have become a genius after Aranda, Brady, Burrow, and all those players left.
    3) Talent matters when it comes to Bama and everyone in the west. Talent doesn’t matter when it comes to Georgia and Florida. Kirby is probably smiling as he reads these predictions.


  7. stoopnagle



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  8. practicaldawg

    I love this. Every year, either Mullen or the media give the dawgs a reason to come into Jacksonville chippy. And don’t think Kirby isn’t the chippiest.

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  9. I’m going to throw this out there: if Franks hadn’t gotten injured, Mullen is 0-2 vs Kentucky as Florida’s head coach. So not only can he not recruit, but his talent evaluation is a bit questionable too.


  10. Greg

    Glad they did, it helps. The talent favors Georgia imo, apparently they think the Shithead is a better coach than Kirby.

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  11. much better to be us. Lol. They are gonna have another year of getting knocked around, and standing there punch drunk not sure what happened. lol.