Key matchups for Georgia’s opener

Jake Rowe has a list here.

I’ve got to say I’m jonesing for that James Cook-Bumper Pool matchup, if only for the potential word play we could be hearing.  Although seeing whether Georgia’s offense is able to exploit Arkansas’ linebacker pass coverage the way other teams have been able to exploit Georgia’s linebacker pass coverage over the years would be a nice bonus.


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8 responses to “Key matchups for Georgia’s opener

  1. Down Island Way

    Let’s see what ingredients the UGA OC will let James Cook with….caution if they stand to close, they might get burnt…

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  2. Sports Fan

    Disappointed in you, Senator, for not jumping all over the Jancek news. Must not want a challenge. 😉


  3. Russ

    I hope we see these match-ups. I fully expect to hear tomorrow that certain players are out due to virus exposure. Every game I’ve watched so far has had those announcements.