This week in the SEC

It’s nice to ponder that, isn’t it?

Anyhoo, here are the six non-Dawg games, the spreads and my thoughts on the outcomes:

  • Florida at Ole Miss (+14.5).  I would love to see Junior pull off the upset.  Unfortunately, reality intrudes:  Dan Mullen has a history of disliking Ole Miss, Kiffin’s roster has been ravaged by NCAA sanctions and Florida wants to impress with a good start.  Gators cover.
  • Kentucky at Auburn (-7.5).  It’s the most intriguing SEC game this weekend.  With an excellent offensive line, the ‘Cats are a trendy upset pick.  I, however, can’t quite bring myself to pick them to cover.  Auburn is the deeper team and I’m going to need to see how Terry Wilson looks before I’m willing to buy into UK this season.
  • Mississippi State at LSU (-17.5).  Yes, LSU lost a ton from last season.  No, it won’t matter tomorrow.  Tigers win and win big.
  • Alabama at Missouri (+28.5).  This was going to be lopsided before Mizzou lost twelve players for the game.  Alabama is loaded and reeks of confidence.  The Tide covers.
  • Vanderbilt at Texas A&M (-30.5).  Vanderbilt… isn’t good.  The ‘Dores open on the road, which… isn’t good.  For some strange reason, though, I think they’ll cover, albeit barely.  I guess I’m not convinced this is the year Jimbo shows the world TAMU is back.
  • Tennessee at South Carolina (+3.5).  Vegas sees this as the closest SEC game of the week and I can’t say I disagree.  The loser is likely eliminated from the divisional race before it even gets started, which I think means there’s more pressure on Pruitt than Boom.  If SC had a good back, I’d like them to win outright, but without one, I’ll just pick the ‘Cocks to cover, mainly because Guarantano is inconsistent.

And you?


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  1. There’s a part of me that says MSU covers because Leach is a great coach and Orgeron is not without the elite talent and a cutting offensive mind in the OC role. They still have elite talent, but they always have and have a tendency to underwhelm.

    I can’t disagree with you anywhere else, though the UK/AU game is probably the most intriguing one this weekend.


  2. Interesting point on the UTk vs USCjr game is that I saw last night that Pruitt signed a 2 year, $400k/yr contract extension yesterday. Based on what, I’m not sure. That would certainly lend well to the pressure being on the Vols.

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  3. Biggen

    I’m taking the points at Ole Miss. UF has some serious questions on D (several veteran players off the depth chart including interior D linemen and corners). Corral and Plumlee may be be hard to handle.


    • rigger92

      Yeah, I dont follow the talking heads on SEC network, so I dont know what they are saying, but I am comfortable in saying that Plumlee is a far better QB than Trask.


      • He’s a better runner, that’s for sure. But his passer rating last season was an abysmal 108.43. He had a great skill set for RichRod’s offense, not so much for what OM is doing this year and may lose the starting job to Corral because of that.


  4. 1) Florida covers. I hope there is some event that creates a Mullen-Lane feud.
    2) Kentucky keeps it interesting, but Auburn covers late. I’m curious how good the Auburn DL will be without Derrick Brown in the middle.
    3) LSU wins but doesn’t cover. They lost too much on offense to be business as usual. They will stumble around for a bit never putting MSU away.
    4) Alabama will dismantle Missouri.
    5) Texas A&M will have open tryouts for WR by the 3rd quarter. They will cover because Vandy is Vandy.
    6) SC wins straight up. Tennessee’s been focused on everything but football, and a significant number of their players have missed much of fall practice. SC has been quietly loading their cannons with Bobo, who will try to grind Tennessee into a slow, plodding, limited-possession game which definitely favors the team not starting Turnover Machine Guarantano.

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    • The Kentucky/Auburn matchup will hopefully tell us a lot. Is this one of those sneaky good Auburn teams no one expected? Is a senior-laden UK looking like a team that is going to upset someone this season?

      Normally I’d say the dreaded 11am kickoff might rear it’s head, but being game 1 against a “Ranked” opponent (and pushed back at that) I think the Plainsmen won’t get caught sleepwalking like they often do in this slot.

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    • ASEF

      Wouldn’t you want Turnover Machine to have more bites at the apple?


  5. stoopnagle

    I can’t say I can argue much with your picks. I, too, am thinking Mississippi can keep it closer, but that might just be wishful thinking on my part. I’m a bit more bullish on Kentucky, but that might just be how much I dislike Auburn. And I think Carolina has a chance, too.

    My gameday watching will start and end on SEC Network with the three games there, then if I’m not passed out, a little BYU After Dark.

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  6. Handbags cover – too much talent on the FU sideline for Ole Miss.
    Barn covers – I don’t think BBN will be able to establish the run.
    Corn Dogs cover – once again, too much talent on the LSU sideline.
    Bammers cover – Missouri is in trouble.
    Aggies cover – Vanderbilt is really bad.
    South Carolina wins straight up – Boom knows a loss would be bad for his job security even if no one gets fired this year.

    Finally, Dawgs cover … barely. I’m nervous but optimistic about Mathis. It’s enough to be a solid win but also enough for Kirby to have plenty to be on his team about.


    • 79dawg

      Do you know how wind up with a million dollars betting on Georgia football??? Start with two million! (that is a big number to cover!)

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      • I agree the number would be too large for me to bet (of course, I don’t really bet on games unless I happen to be in Las Vegas during the season). I never bet on Georgia games because of the emotional connection.


  7. Looks pretty reasonable. I will be curious what wackiness ensues. Is someone gonna be on their 5th long snapper? Will a receiving team forget onside rules? Will a punter punt from the endzone, and not make it out of the endzone, for a 0 sec, 0 yard TD? (that was really awesome btw).

    Not sure what food is on the menu yet but looking forward to it.

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  8. akascuba

    I see two teams maybe drinking their own koolaid laced with rat poison. FU and LSU I believe both to be over rated. I believe they both win just not cover. I`m also not betting on college football.

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  9. theotherdoug

    UF/Ole Miss- 10% chabce Ole Miss wins, 10% chance Ole Miss loses but covers, and 80% chance UF covers. Take UF.

    UK/Auburn- Auburn sees them coming so it’s doubtful UK pulls the upset. This game in week 3 would be different.

    SCAR/UT- I like UT. SCAR lacks talent on offense and Pruitt’s D should be respectable. On the otherside of the ball I think Chaney can get enough out of the QB. It’s what Chaney does. Tennessee wins by 14. SCAR stares at Muschamp’s buyout and cries.


  10. Harold Miller

    UK/Auburn – Get’s my attention, but Auburn has too much depth for the Cats.

    SCAR/UT – Very interesting game. Besides our game this is the one I look forward to the most. If UT wins, you can see the end of the Boom world from here. If SC finds a way, they avoid the CFB lake of fire for one week. Then the Handbags are on the horizon. A 1-5 start of the chickens is a very realistic possibility.


  11. Got Cowdog

    I don’t have time to give the spreads much thought, but I think this is a good place to say how excited I am to see some SEC football. I’ve done my Wednesday/Thursday liver cleanse, been sure to hydrate, got my lucky Dawgs cap handy, and it’s looking like wings on the smoker for the afternoon.
    Go Dawgs!

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  12. Got Cowdog

    Traeger. Turns out you can do an ersatz sous vide with smoke, then finish them off in the deep fryer. Get ’em into the sauce while hot and let cool to where you can eat them there, they come out smoky, crispy, juicy, and saucy all at the same time.


  13. RangerRuss

    The Portal Master cousin Eddie didn’t have his charges ready last year and almost dropped the first game to a lousy Miami team. Past performance predicting future results, Mullet’s arrogance coupled with Joey Freshwater’s triumphant return to the marquee could lead to an upset in Oxford. It wouldn’t be the first time the Laner pantsed an SEC East squad with greater talent and NC aspirations.
    Hey! A little girl can dream, right?
    Fuck those motherfuckers.


  14. Austen Bannan

    I give Kentucky and SC almost 50% chances to win. I give Ole Miss maybe 25%. Miss St. 20%. For me, Ole Miss already proved it had a bit of offensive firepower, so at home to start the year they could be dangerous. With Miss St., they underachieved slightly under Moorehead, and so they have enough talent to be slightly better than advertised. Mix in the new pizzazz of Leach, and you never know what happens to a brand new LSU team.


    • You have a point about Ole Miss. Towel Boy’s defenses have typically struggled with teams that run some form of spread option with a running QB. Plumlee is definitely one of those.


  15. CB

    When you say A&M is back are you harkening to the junction boys back in the 50’s?


    • gurkhadawg

      That was what I was thinking. Except for a couple of years with Johnny football, they haven’t been much in a loooong time.


      • CB

        Even with JFF they weren’t winning the division. Kid was incredible, but all they really did was beat Bama once and scare them the next year.