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“Georgia is going to get smoked by Auburn next week.”

Proclaims the guy who said that Jamie Newman opted out of the season because of D’Wan Mathis’ rapid progress.


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The most telling comment from Smart’s presser

Was the man a little concerned about the offense yesterday?

The defensive performance, and how it ends up without those turnovers…
“I don’t know. It probably wouldn’t have mattered what would’ve happened after we didn’t get the interception. It would tell me a lot more about how it would’ve ended. But those guys played hard. They work hard, they practice hard, they’ve got a lot of experience, and we’re going to have to use them as we build the rest of our team up and as we grow as a team. We talk about complementary football all the time. It doesn’t matter when the turnover happens. First drive second half, you’ve gotta go out and stop them. I love those guys and the way they compete. They’ve got so much fire. They just love playing the game. I didn’t watch it as closely as I have in the past, trying to work through some of the offensive stuff, but I thought they played really hard.”

“I didn’t watch it as closely as I have in the past, trying to work through some of the offensive stuff”?  Why, yes, I think he was.



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Random observations and hot takes from yesterday

Things I took away from what I saw, knowing that at least some of this won’t hold up, even past next week’s games:

  • Vanderbilt’s safety came as a result of the most football IQ-challenged play I’ve seen in a while.  And to think Jimbo Fisher is being paid $7.5 million a year to coach them.
  • Ole Miss’ powder blue jersey is sharp.  Ole Miss’ defense is anything but.
  • Watching South Carolina’s offense was really doing the time warp.
  • Speaking of that game, Tennessee was 1-12 on third down conversions and still managed to score 31 points.  How is that possible?
  • And speaking of third down conversions, third and Grantham went 9-14 yesterday.  Welcome back, old friend.
  • Oklahoma lost to a team that lost to Arkansas State.  Texas had to go to overtime to hold off a team that barely beat Houston Baptist.  The Big 12’s playoff aspirations hang by the slenderest of threads.
  • Yeah, Georgia Tech is regressing at an alarming rate.  FSU is just plain alarming.
  • K.J. Costello will be the SEC’s Player of the Week, and deservedly so.  (Can you remember whose single-game record for passing yardage he broke?)  But Kyle Pitts was the best SEC player I saw yesterday.
  • I was honestly surprised at how much control over Auburn’s offense Gus Malzahn ceded to Chad Morris.
  • I’m not sure Bo Nix has turned a corner yet, but he’s making the most out of the improvements his receivers have made.
  • Terry Wilson has a lot of rust to shake off still.

And y’all?


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Is Danny Kanell America’s dumbest cfb pundit?

Or is he simply the one most willing to put his stupidity on display?

The Air Raid was introduced to the SEC over twenty years ago (by Mumme and Leach!) and Texas A&M ran it under Kevin Sumlin.  Other than that, as takes go, it’s perfect.


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After yesterday, is your UGA glass half empty, or half full?

You can make the case either way.

Not great, Bob.  The offense looked completely out of sync.  The o-line couldn’t get out of its own way and the quarterback was the epitome of the proverbial deer caught in the headlights.  The defense, while playing better than the offense, gave up a touchdown on a busted coverage.

While things did stabilize come the second half, it’s not crazy to believe right now that Georgia has some real issues on the offensive side of the ball that need fixing if this team is going to win its fourth straight division title.

That all being said, it was the first game coming out of an abbreviated practice schedule, with a new quarterback and a new offensive coordinator.  There were always going to be kinks that needed to be worked out; it’s just that more of those will have to be addressed in live play rather than practice.

Also, this.

Before you dismiss that, warts and all, based on the level of opposition, let me be the first to remind you that the bottom of this conference is as weak as it’s been for a while.  Texas A&M, playing at home, struggled with a Vanderbilt team that Bill Connelly projected to lose every game on its schedule by at least 17 points.  Missouri and Ole Miss are playing with rosters that have been crippled by NCAA sanctions.  (Mizzou had a COVID bonus on top of that, too, yesterday, with 12 players out.)

The point here is that Georgia isn’t exactly alone in needing to improve.  Is there a reason to believe the coaching and talent are less up to the task than the other programs in the conference?


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Nice victory lap you took there.

If there’s anyone who knows something about talk being cheap, it’s Spurdog.

Dan got burned.

Gotta admit there’s something satisfying watching the man turn his innate dickishness on one of his own.


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TFW you’ve got what your team needs

Knowing you’ve got a lot to fix, any satisfaction this kid from South Georgia got to rally his team from a victory
“I wouldn’t say satisfaction because I’m disappointed in our performance, you know what I mean? I’m proud and happy for Stetson. I wouldn’t take that moment away from him. No way in the world. He did a great job and he rallied the guys around him and they saw his competitive spirit on some of those scrambles and the two-point play. That’s the juice we needed. He gave us the juice we needed. He’s a great competitor. I spent a whole year with him on the scout team the one year he was here and I got to see the guy. Very composed. Very good poise.”

I was looking for a great quarterback story yesterday, and I got one.  It just wasn’t the one I was expecting.

I have two thoughts about Stetson’s day.   First, and I’m not trying to be a shit here — he’ll always have Fayetteville, no matter how the rest of this season plays out — it reminds me of the way Joe Cox pulled Georgia’s nuts out of the fire against Colorado in 2006.  I’m sure everyone remembers how that played out the rest of that particular season.

That being said, right now, Stetson Bennett is Kirby Smart’s security blanket.

“I would just say the No. 1 thing is experience. Experience at that position is at a premium. I think you see that across the SEC when you see the quarterbacks that are here and those that are not here. Stetson has played in a lot of football games. Everybody forgets he went to Mississippi and played in I think 10 games and got to play in a whole season. That value of playing that season is immense in terms of getting reps than he came here and took every single rep for an entire year behind Jake Fromm as the 2. So we knew and we felt comfortable with what we had in Stetson in terms of all his reps he had taken. Stetson unfortunately did not get a ton of reps in minicamp leading up to the first practices. He has not gotten a ton of reps but we understand he prepares himself the right way without taking the reps and he did a good job today when he went in and was able to execute the game plan.”

There is real value in that, especially with one quarterback who wasn’t ready for prime time yesterday and another who is yet to be cleared to play.


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