Is Danny Kanell America’s dumbest cfb pundit?

Or is he simply the one most willing to put his stupidity on display?

The Air Raid was introduced to the SEC over twenty years ago (by Mumme and Leach!) and Texas A&M ran it under Kevin Sumlin.  Other than that, as takes go, it’s perfect.


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  1. Derek

    Is there a smart cfb pundit?

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

    I hate to have to even half-defend Kanell here, but he’s about half-right.

    Leach under Mumme is not the pure distilled Air Raid that LSU saw, because it was filtered through a head coach in Mumme who made all the final decisions. Do you think Mumme’s throwing for the TD instead of trying to run out the clock there at the end? Leach goes up 10 instead of 6 and ices the game. Mumme goes up 6 and leaves open the chance to lose.

    And what Sumlin runs is not the pure Air Raid. Not even close.

    There’s only one team right now that runs a pure Air Raid in college football, and that’s the one we saw embarrass LSU. Graham Harrell’s USC offense is closest, but again, it’s filtered through a head coach who makes the final decisions. And honestly, as good a play caller as Harrell is, he’s not Leach. No one is.

    Imagine if Tennessee hadn’t let Fat Phil execute his second palace coup in Hillbillyville, y’all. Imagine Mike Leach at Tennessee with Tennessee’s resources.

    Thank you Fat Phil for hiring Pruitt instead!!!


    • Leach under Mumme is not the pure distilled Air Raid that LSU saw, because it was filtered through a head coach in Mumme who made all the final decisions.


      It looks like you are confusing play calling with scheme.


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, New USC Corch (2021)

        I’ll tell you what someone who knows way more about football than I do once told me about Mike Leach and the Air Raid:

        The Air Raid IS about scheme and play calling. It’s not just the scheme, it’s the will to stick with the principles of the offense no matter what. It’s why Leach was throwing the ball with 2 minutes left in the game to continue to try to score touchdowns (which he did). Any other coach running “the Air Raid” would’ve played the clock.

        The Air Raid isn’t just a scheme, it’s an attitude. Best way I can describe it.


  3. I was surprised LSU looked as bad on defense as they did. They didn’t have their corner (Stingley) who pretty much does his best Champ Bailey impression to take away half the field. I said before the season LSU would take a step back due to the loss of Aranda and Brady.

    Leach went and got arguably the best graduate transfer on the market in TJ Costello. When Costello announced he wasn’t going back to Stanford after Davis Mills was named the starter, Kirby should have been on a plane to Palo Alto to escort Mr. Costello to Athens.

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    • Got Cowdog

      I might have posted this somewhere last night, but LSU last season was a one hit wonder. (Sorry cousins, geaux Tigers). They lost a bunch of talent across the board.
      As far as transfers go I think Kirby “had” the one he wanted/we needed. Best of luck in the NFL to Mr. Newman.
      To my eye the playing field in the SEC is much more level than I thought it would be, with the exception of Alabama. I don’t think Nick gets dethroned this year.

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  4. FlyingPeakDawg

    Yes. Now ask us a hard question.


  5. akascuba

    Danny had one thing right unusual as it is for him. It was Air RAID against a bad SEC defense. If you give up an all time yardage record you are a bad defense in any conference.


    • Down Island Way

      Should kanell have been an air raid proponent all along, point made, he chose to jump into a conversation that will be a defining game for lsu in 2020…how different are they this year from last…