Nice victory lap you took there.

If there’s anyone who knows something about talk being cheap, it’s Spurdog.

Dan got burned.

Gotta admit there’s something satisfying watching the man turn his innate dickishness on one of his own.



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  1. Florida is the polar opposite of UGA right now. Their offense was great (though Mississippi never seemed to adjust to Pitts at all and defense was non existent) but they have some serious issues on defense. When they go up against a good defense they are going to be in some tight games because defensively they are atrocious.

    From what I saw we aren’t missing anything in Cox, either.


    • Russ

      I saw Cox make back to back plays that completely took Ole Miss out of scoring. After that, I could take the announcers fawning over Florida so I watched other games.


  2. Granthams Replacement

    If Trask has a clean pocket he delivers. If he is forced to move no so much. UF looks like a big 12 team.


  3. Ole Miss is horrible on defense. If Arkansas plays a whole game like they did the first 30 minutes against us, I think the Hogs will get them (Kendell Briles and Barry Odom aren’t dummies. They just need players.).

    Still not sold on Tras[h]. They probably won’t get challenged by South Carolina, but then they have LSU and Texas A&M.

    We have the players on the outside (Stokes, Daniel and Campbell) that can enable us to bracket Pitts all over the field.

    QBs who are statues in the pocket will feel the wrath of our front 6 or 7.

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  4. RangerRuss

    A requirement for FU head coach is to be an arrogant, smart ass prick.

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  5. 69Dawg

    Say what you will about Trask, he is very accurate. We will need a lot of “havoc” if we are going to get him out of his comfy pocket.


  6. munsonlarryfkajim

    I want the Gators undefeated, ranked in the Top 3 and Trask as the leading Heisman candidate when we get to Jacksonville

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  7. akascuba

    Spurrier has earned the right to act like a dick. What has Mullen won other than biggest a**hole loud mouth at media days. How many days since Mullen as HC coach won a championship.

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