Bo knows.

Quite the resume here:

At least you have to admire his versatility.

I went back and watched some of the tape again from the LSU-MSU game.  Pelini played man coverage all game and Leach/Costello just ate that up.  Washington showed the way to defend Leach’s Air Raid — play zone and wait for the screw ups.  When you throw the ball 60+ times in a game, they’re bound to happen.

It’ll be interesting to see what Smart and Lanning have in store for Leach, that’s for sure.


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  1. Play zone, get pressure with 4 or 5, and limit yards after the catch by tackling in space. Costello isn’t Burrow with his legs, so if you can collapse the pocket, you can slow it down.

    Kirby and the defensive staff will be using Halloween night to watch how Little Nicky attacks the Pirate.

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    • Derek

      Maybe they’ll take lessons from how well saban handled Mike Evans out of Sumlin’s air raid:

      7 catches for 279 yards.

      Thats only 40 yards a catch.

      Saban also would not get out of man. Chavis would and he managed to keep Johnny Football in ck.


      • I would bet we’re going to run a lot of 6 DB/money packages with Dean at linebacker and Campbell/Daniel, Webb, Stevenson, and Stokes with LeCounte and Cine on the back end. Drop Johnson or Anderson into coverage to change things up. Attempt to make Costello dink and dunk down the field.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Almost makes Todd Grantham look effective by comparison.


  3. gotthepicture

    Hopefully, Pelini’s struggles will continue to give UGA momentum with Maason Smith (DL recruit) and others.


  4. Ken Wilkinson

    Where’s FauxPellini when you need him?


  5. ASEF

    Jimmy Lake, DC and how HC at Washington, has the “Defending Mike Leach for Dummies” available for anyone with quality athletes in the back 7. LSU, even minus Stingley, had the athletes.

    If their zone coverage is worse than their man, it’s going to be a loooooooong season in Red Stick.

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