Barrett Sallee’s cognitive dissonance

Man, you could get a serious case of whiplash trying to keep up with this:

Main course: Florida for real, Georgia in trouble

It’s one game, so it’s a little early to make snap judgements on teams.

You don’t say.  Or maybe you do say.  Hell, I can’t keep up.


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4 responses to “Barrett Sallee’s cognitive dissonance

  1. I’ve always like Barrett as an analyst, but his commitment to his Florida take is head scratching in how committed he is to it. I mean, he’s effectively pronounced UGA dead in the water in 2020, but thinks Florida will improve wihtout question? But to see him contradict himself so spectacularly, I’m kind of embarrassed for him. I always gave him credit for not being like the other analysts that are his peers, but I’m guessing I was wrong…


  2. Spell Dawg

    Florida’s defense gets the benefit of the doubt because…..why?!? They were shitty, Bobo has an axe to grind & ‘Champ always coaches with a chip against the gators, next game should be fun to watch.

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    Why even play the games?


  4. Castleberry

    Keep piling the rat poison on those Gators. Trask finished with a clean uni. The roughing the passer call against Ole Miss was garbage > and saved the Gators fourth quarter possession when they were only up two TDs. Different game if they punted there – as they hadn’t stopped Ole Miss at all.,passer%E2%80%9D%20penalty%20against%20Kyle%20Trask.&text=The%20Florida%20Gators%20lead%20Ole,social%20media%20over%20the%20call.

    Am I the only one who watched that game?